Favorite Supplements Round 1 – Spring 2020

To help a few people get started with boosting their health through supplementation which obviously would or should be obviously a super important these days let’s just list a few.

  1. Super Liver this is one of the best liver formulas I’ve ever seen. It is absolutely critical to support liver health these days. Unfortunately we don’t hear much about supporting liver health always hear about is that process genetically modified foods with a bunch of pesticides in the will of bring health to your liver… the done much study own liver herbs and you’ll see that this formula is absolutely fantastic and great health habit.
  2. V.TOX  – speaking of great formulas this is another great formula to help detox body and pull those toxins out of the body. Here is another general detoxification formula in: health support formula that can just help put us in a better advantage of a daily basis when battling all sorts of toxins coming at us from all sorts of angles.
  3. Velocity BRAINS– as long as we can think a little, most of us have thought over time that everything is just okay in the brain it is just fine and dandy. That’s not the best thinking because if you see the various brain related problems and their rapid rise of occurrence these days then you realize that a we better do some brain positive habits and help bring it nutrients the brain needs. Also fish oils in turmeric are associated with being very good for brain health. Additionally wouldn’t you want your brain to perform at an optimal state? Well fortunately these days there are nutrients that have been found to help boost brain health strongly.
  4. Turmeric Plus BioPerine + Curcuminoids
  5. Krill Oil
  6. Omega3 Fish Oil – Premium
  7. Velocity Vision
  8. Probiotics
  9. Velocity VItality
  10. AMMPD !
  11. Chlorella
  12. Coconut Oil Pills