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What Supplements Should I Take To Boost My Immune System?

Immune Boosting Supplements – Which Ones are the Best?

Here’s a question that has come about that will give a quick answer to because there are many, many different supplements that can help boost immune system from many angles (and many angles of support are needed when looking to make the immune system powerful!) and we speak from personal experience of testing immune-boosting supplements overtime too.

Also there are other techniques for making the immune system very strong and even avoiding getting sick altogether,  or at least avoiding getting sick to very high degrees of probability, as we have and many others have done over time. (Knock on wood:).   Avoiding getting sick is a lot more systematic  then many think. But also it’s an art in real time; it’s an art to balance the body and keep the immune system strong.

Well just so you know up front we can’t give you advice or tell you what to take personally okay?  You’ll need to see a knowledgeable healthcare professional in order to get direct personal advice on what to take in coordination with your physical situation at that point in time. Also do understand that matters of the immune system can be life critical  and some matters can be emergency based.   Therefore you’ll certainly want to learn a lot about how to handle different sicknesses but when in doubt  it’s more wise to see the healthcare professional especially in an emergency case and even contact various emergency healthcare-related services to determine whether you even have an emergency case from their experience and knowledge.  So when in doubt – go to the licensed pros.  On that note, it would be wise to identify the healthcare pros you know and trust ahead of time.

Yet with good immune-boosting supplements we believe one can certainly put themselves in a better position for boosting immune system strength  speaking from our experience in various clinical studies over time  in addition to thousands of years of ancient cultures.  

The immune system is a highly complex system and has to coordinate with many other systems in the body. Therefore what usually works well is using higher-level immune-boosting substances and those higher-level substances would be the substances made by nature that have so many complex components that are correctly balanced to work with the human body. Then from there dosage and frequency would need to be determined for optimal immune system support.  But there is a standardized dosage that is on every supplement bottle as per manufacturer label which usually always coordinate with industry safe standards.  That suggested dose usually provides a starting base for immune boosting concepts.  

Just understand that natural immune boosting supplements can work great in particular when you figure out the dosage and frequency, the repetition per use per day for you personally.

But what is safe?   Safe is a combination of what is generally considered safe to the average human.  And in regards to natural supplements, most are what you would use as salad toppings.  But each human has a different internal scenario going on. They have different  amounts of nutrients or lack thereof which will be important to determine for actually getting the supplements for immune-boosting to work well,  such as basic vitamins and minerals for example.

Each person has their own different current health scenario in terms of their toxic load and the flow of blood and lymph,  organ health and ability and so on and so forth.   So all those factors would need to be addressed and a knowledgeable, repeat Knowledgeable healthcare professional who understands nutrition and herbs very well be able to better assess you in combination with their various testing mechanisms to determine for yourself what is more optimal,  based on your own physiology of the moment.

We are excited about our new V.IMMUNITY X – The Hammer – Power Immune Formula Immune  in particular because it corresponds to one of our time-tested immune boosting systems that has worked rock-solid over the years.

V.SHROOMS Immune Power Mushrooms Supplement  Is another powerful immune-boosting supports us supplement on many levels. You also need a good multivitamin that’s food-based preferably and we have one of the best on the market with  Velocity Vitality Foods Based Premium Multivitamin.

Also you we have a multiple of other supplements that will boost the immune system from many angles such as: fish oils, Elderberry, berberine, ACV pills, turmeric ginger, probiotics, Chlorella, Ceylon cinnamon, vitamin D3 and so on that you can find more details about on our immune supplements page right here.

We have a lot to talk about in regards to boosting the immune system that we’ll need to continue in future posts.  Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates!

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