Vitamins & Minerals Are Gears to Your Body’s Machine

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“Vitamins & Minerals Are Gears to Your Body’s Machine – If Your Body Machine is Missing Some Gears then What Happens to the Body?…  Making Sure One Gets their Essential Nutrients Every Day is a Very Wise Health Strategy…”

In a machine what happens if you’re missing gears? That’s right. Things start to fall apart.

And that is a problem these days in modern living. We intaking tremendous amounts of poisons and toxins which can cause our own body’s machinery to not be able to work correctly.   The way we grow & process our foods have drastically drained our nutrients in our foods.

Did you hear that it takes 26 of today’s apples to equal the nutrients of one apple from 1950?

Then on top of that, what types of foods are the foods most people eat? Most people eat mostly foods that have nutrients that are further processed out. Then on top of that they cook out even more nutrients.

We are a nutrients starved people and our bodies are struggling to function. Why do you think the disease rates have gone skyrocketing upwards over the past several decades?

Well now you know. We have been bombarded with bad stuff and we are lacking the vital nutrients, the basic nutrients, the gears to our machines that need to function properly and combat the bad stuff.

That’s why most knowledgeable healthcare professionals say that it’s absolutely critical we supplement our nutrients these days with nutritional supplements.

That’s why a powerful multivitamin is so important. The baseline of broad-spectrum of nutrients can be provided with a good multivitamin. Ours does more than that! Check out the ingredients!

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