Vitamin D3 – Did You Know How Anticancer Powerful Vitamin D3 is?

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Did you know that vitamin D3 can reduce approximately 17 types of cancer by up to 77%?

What types of cancers? According to a Creighton University School of Medicine in Nebraska study here are a few: prostate cancer, bladder cancer, uterine, pancreatic cancer esophageal cancer and stomach cancers.

It’s a well-known fact planet is woefully vitamin D3 deficient on average these days. Supplementation is a must in addition to vitamin D boosting food sources that don’t also hurt your health in the process like certain lower quality foods do.

Vitamin D3 has been shown to also turn tumor cells into normal cells and that’s remarkable! Instead of burning and cutting and poisoning out the tumor cells, tumor cells which many Healthcare professionals say actually are protecting your body and saving your life from imminent death of acid based poisons plus backed up nasty biosludge cellular waste pools of acid, studies say that enough vitamin D3 how convert those tumor cells back to normal. So either get enough quality sunshine without getting too much to cause yourself another problem or simply and easily supplement with vitamin D3 supplements. It’s so easy this way.

Also by using vitamin D3 supplements we know how much we are in taking specifically. And that’s important because we can more mathematically and scientifically refine and make sure we are taking enough vitamin D3 levels for optimal vitamin D3 blood levels.

In fact a good research pursuit would be to look for those who were able to reverse their cancer or cure their cancer by using significant enough amount of supplementation of vitamin D3 supplementation. I’ve seen that in passing overtime. But I want to get you out the quick message. And quite frankly I’m dealing with a person, a stubborn person who got themselves into an emergency scenario which is inspired me to get more aggressive about cancer research, what it’s all about and the various stories and clinical tests on how people have healed their cancer. And it sounding much more easy to fix than many make it out to sound, that is if you have the knowledge and understanding that’s how it works.

On that note, I also have learned quite strongly that everyone’s scenario is different and many scenarios are indeed emergency scenarios. And you know from all those TV shows that the mainstream medicine is quite talented at dealing with Emergency Care scenarios so do not underestimate their achievements in that. Although we all tend to want to incorporate more natural and logical solutions because we simply don’t want to have a problem or deal with a problem and we want to reverse problems if we have them, we have to be thankful that there is a backup emergency option with emergency medicine.

In fact, you may want to find experts on the matter if you do indeed have a scenario or know someone who does have a scenario who is battling tumors and cancer, who has done the research and has used vitamin D therapy on their patients. And look around the world as well because other countries have been doing their various studies in their various countries around the world are actually far more advanced in healthcare than we are. And proof of that is in our country, we have drop to, what is it 52nd in the world in terms of healthcare ability and quality? That doesn’t make sense does it. Lame.

Additionally there’s the association with the need for having vitamin D3 to enable the absorption of calcium. What’s the use of taking a bunch of calcium if you can absorb it? So therefore calcium is an essential electrolyte mineral needed for body functioning throughout the entire body. You couldn’t flex your muscle or beat your heart without it. So therefore you may want to look into our Advanced Bone Formula Velocity BONES that has vitamin D3 and calcium and vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 also helps increase absorption of calcium and shuttle the calcium into the bones and the teeth as well.

We are going to keep this post short but we went to give you an initial tidbit about vitamin D3. There’s much to report on vitamin D3 will be very helpful for all of us to know. Hopefully we can do so in the near future.

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Creighton study finds 30 percent reduction in cancer from vitamin D supplements

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