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Beards are natural. Beards are manly. Beards can be attractive and very attracted to women.   But if they are nappy,   patchy, thin and smelly, well  maybe the attraction level drops a bit.  

So we’re here to help. Hair growth is directly related to your internal health and external health. Your hair follicles need nutrients and nourishment from your insides and outside. You also need to stop Behavior patterns that lead to damaging your hair follicles and poisoning them. Join our newsletter for more information.

Beard Vitamins

People across the planet are waking up to the discovery that great hair can be obtained,  even a return of hair from hair loss can be obtained through nutrition. We have a particular Hair Formula here which is also of benefit to skin and nails that could give you a solid core fundamental supplementthat is packed with nutrients and herbs  in a certain combination tuned in for hair health and growth. Check out the label for details and give his hair formula a try.

Probiotics 40 Billion

Probiotics have become a popular supplement and rightfully so. The gut flora balance is very important to have. And then these days with processed foods and chemicals everywhere our gut Flora balance can easily get out of balance. This means the ” bad bacteria” starts outnumbering the good bacteria in your gut biome. When this happens all sorts of problems can ensue because body functionality components are getting out of whack, out of balance. Plus the functionality of the good gut bacteria goes missing. So many substances including antibiotics and artificial sweeteners for example have been said to severely impact the gut Flora. So therefore the concept of taking a strong probiotic on a habitual basis could lend to great health stabilization.

Biotin 10k

Biotin is known as a beauty vitamin. It supports hair, skin, nails and cellular production in general. Biotin has many other health benefits as well but it’s an important part of healthy living and any beauty regiment.

Omega3 Fish Oils

Fish oil nourishes the skin while  helping maintain a smooth elastic texture. Fish oils have been also study  for the effects in preventing wrinkles. why supplementing with fish oils that have EPA and DHA a number of skin problems can also be prevented such as skin conditions as well as age spots and sunspots. And without these essential fatty acids the skin can dry out.

Omega3 Krill Oil

Krill oil is a potent form of omega-3 fatty acids. Oil also contains astaxanthin, phospholipids, ePA and DHA. Krill oil has more absorbable omega fatty acids. Hydration, inflammation reduction, healthy skin promotion and hydration are some of the benefits that come along with krill oil and it’s potent form of omega 3.

Krill oil has many of the same benefits and more of Omega-3 fish oils but it’s just in more potent and absorbable form of omega-3 fish oils.

Beard Oil for Beard Health & Growth

Each beard oil below has the same nutrient oil mix formula yet each has a different scent.These beard oils help with the health and growth of your beard. They also provide a nice scent. Additionally they provide lubrication to help prevent itchiness. Also these beard oils can help provide sanitation and odor control. 
Check out our beard oil formulas. Look closely at the powerful blend of oils used for bearded hair Health growth. If you have been doing much research on beard hair or hair health and growth naturally you’ll notice that many of these oils are well-known for hair health optimization and consequently beard hair health optimization.