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Top Immune Boosting Supplements

What are the top immune-boosting supplements the help prevent and pull out of an immune system dip? Well you have to ask what is sickness? Different modalities of Health have different opinions.

What would you call sickness? What’s a cold and flu to you?

To most people, a cold or flu, getting sick, is related to symptoms which would include usually lots of mucus. Mucus here. Mucus there. Mucus everywhere! 

It’s also related to a weary, dreary tiredness inside.

Mucus and deep down tiredness is directly correlated with being overly acidic on the inside which is usually caused by ones foods that they ate recently. There are many acid forming or mucus generating Foods that are notorious for delivery heavy loads of net acid forming impacts upon the body.  And in the averaged “modern diet”, a lot of people don’t often balance out these acid forming foods with alkaline forming foods, to have a balance and to mitigate the damaged caused by acid forming foods.

Of course if you really start to observe in yourself what causes mucus then you’ll start to take note the foods and drinks that do so. But…  There are foods that may cause an initial mucus response but say in the throat area, such as eating Citrus particularly lemons since they are acidic, yet some of these foods that are acidic upfront can change into being alkaline forming and alkaline pushing of the pH balance in the body after digestion such as citrus, particularly lemons.  And that is considered to be good. And right, you don’t want to over do anything or push at the pH level in the body too strongly one way or another because too strongly either way can cause problems,  But in “modern times”, most people encounter way too many acid pushing substances, scenarios  which keep pushing the body too strongly towards the acid side of things, and some would call that “The Dark Side”…

Additionally when it gets cold a lot people think that bugs start jumping out  of The Ether and they start attacking people.  Now that’s not to say that different bugs have gotten around due to  poor food production in handling for example,  or maybe  do you have things growing in your home like mold,  or maybe some bad bugs were intentionally spread around for various nefarious purposes, you know,  like you see in the movies.

What we call, bad bugs,  that show up in nature, are usually related to a cleanup scenario. And in fact, you need some of these bad bugs in your gut in order to digest various substances. For example, when tissue gets damaged bad bugs just seem to show up like fungus algae and mold for example. When you have a damaged piece of fruit, you’ll see fungus and mold start to crop up and devour that piece of fruit. That’s their job. When you have a dead animal or poop out in nature you’ll see flies start to devour because that’s their job,  that’s their design.   So when we have a lot of junk in the body or excess  of certain substances, say sugar, then “bad bugs” show up to devour.    So a key to avoiding getting sick, in one way,  is to be clean on the inside and have clean habits through your intake of foods, drinks,  but also what you put on your skin and breathing through your lungs.

Speaking of lungs,  when it gets cold out what happens? What happens to the human body as a natural tendency when it gets cold? We tend to tense up. We tend to then therefore restrict our breathing. When we restrict our breathing, then we are not expelling carbon dioxide which makes us more acidic and we are not taking in oxygen which makes us more alkaline and neutralizes toxins.

Additionally when it gets colder, the air tends to not flow as well indoors, especially in transition from warmer temperatures to colder temperatures. The air tends to not flow as well indoors whereas the thermostat usually isn’t adjusted and windows are not open to compensate for lack of airflow due to habits or just laziness.

When you’re coming out of Summer and temperatures are cooling, your air condition is not running as much as before and then therefore carbon dioxide builds up inside your home and oxygen gets used up. This creates a perfect storm scenario for symptomatic sickness which is caused by an overly acidic state in the body which causes mucus on its own. But an overly acidic state in the body also triggers the growth of cleanup bugs. An overly acidic State also starts burning tissue thereby causing a mucous response. Additionally if this overly acidic state goes on too long, the body can respond by  forming tumors particularly in areas that have an excessive acidic clog as a protective response to the body (which is why the immune system doesn’t “attack” tumors – tumors are a body self defense mechanism for a build up of toxins, a clog or sorts, which is usually an acid clog). (This is also why cancer is neutralized when the acidic clog is neutralized within the tumor with alkalinity as many successful healers have shown over time.)  

Fortunately there are many things we can do in response to an overly acidic state. Of course we can start breathing well and circulating good air through the home. This can do wonders if that air is not too cold. Being cognizant of one’s breathing around cold weather while retraining the mind too let go and trust the body to respond properly to cold air, to generate heat, thereby freeing up the lungs to breathe in a relaxed way, and in a full way, can do wonders.

Additionally there many supplements, many of which you see here on this page below that can help quickly get the body back in line and in a better alkaline state.

You have several nutrients below that are anti-inflammatory. Anti-inflammatory puts out the acid damage. That would mean it’s also anti-mucous.  Anti-mucous means a reduction of an excessively mucous expressing state. You probably are familiar with fish oils,  turmeric,  ginger’s anti-inflammatory associations, and so on, and there are many powerful wonderful herbs that can help as well.

Personally, I have found it to be a great thing to get to know many different immune boosting nutrients through experience, personal use and personal testing in various doses (dosages in line with prior established research while going step by step, inch by inch, not anything too quickly while listening to my physical body biofeedback – all said for perspective..). What this does is that it increases your pallet of, your arsenal of immune-boosting tools that you have a knowing of that you can become better and better at using in order to quickly stop and reverse any sort of condition that starts bringing upon a symptomatic state.

There’s much more to talk about on this topic. And we also recently launched a new Immune Education Newsletter called the Velocity IMMUNE Newsletter –  which you can access for free below.


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