Our Mango Drops Weight Loss Supplements Has Rhodiola Too

African Mango Plus Rhodiola Provides Powerful 1-2 Punch for Losing Weight – See Study Below

Now you may ask what is rhodiola have to do with weight loss?  Rhodiola well respected for many benefits. 

  1. Helps decrease stress.
  2. Increased brain function which is great for dieting.
  3. Mood boosting which is great for dieting and for fat loss programs in general.  One can have mood struggles while trying to lose weight. And of course you’re trying to lose weight! You’re getting out of your comfort zone. Also is easy to make mistakes in real time with dieting such as: Not eating the right foods. or not eating the quantity of right foods that you need.
  4. Has more than 140 active ingredients for helping you boost your health.
  5. Fights fatigue.
  6. Increases exercise performance.
  7. Has anticancer properties.
  8. Rhodiola has been discovered to have the capacity to activate hormone sensitive lipase which means that it increases the breakdown of fat stored in fat cells. those who are struggling with fat around their belly and love handles a particular don’t have as much of the enzyme called hormone sensitive lipase. The good news is roseola activates this enzyme.

Lipolytic = You Breakdown and Burn off Fat and Rhodiola Helps with that.  What a Discovery!

In conclusion, these data support the lipolytic and anti-adipogenetic activity of two different commercial extracts of Rhodiola rosea in primary human visceral pre-adipocytes during differentiation. In particular, the extract containing salidroside and rosavines (RR) was more effective in regulating the molecular and cellular events of adipogenesis, while RS extract, being richer in salidroside, induced lipolysis and the loss of differentiating cells by apoptosis.  Study

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