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“Supplements or Food? – What Has a Stronger Impact for Good Health or Specific Health Problems?”


Although this is quite a broad question there’s a generalized concept out and about that says “you can get all your nutrients from food”.   When I heard this from a certain ‘healthcare professional’  the first thought that came to mind was something about a duck.  This guy wanted to throw all sorts of dangerous treatments to a problem without knowing exactly what the problem was and without even inquiring about the possible and probable causes to the problem.  Talk about, “snake oil salesman”.   But at least he did acknowledge the concept of getting nutrients by ‘eating healthy’ although he didn’t seem to have any idea on how one “eats healthy” specifically. 

If you’ve done much food nutrient composition research you’ll realize that in order to intake the broad spectrum of nutrients one needs daily for great health, one will have to eat a lot of food, a lot of real food, not processed, or fast food, or most restaurant food for that matter.  That takes time and money – and most people these days don’t have a lot of either.   And in short, we find supplementation to be a huge time, effort and money saver to get us nutrients that we, frankly, would have never gotten from food.   But wait there’s more…

You may have heard by now that the nutrient, especially the mineral content of foods in ths USA is WAY down compared to decades ago.  One study found that it takes 26 apples of today to equal one apple from 1950  In terms of nutrients and minerals.   That is really bad. On top of that, most people eat processed food which further kills off  and blatantly strips out nutrients.  Then on top of that are foods are loaded with all sorts of hideous poisons,   heavy metals,  you name it…  The average individual has a very weak immune system which means that they become giant petri dishes for all sorts of hideous bacterial,  parasitic,  fungal and viral  concoctions.  Now that’s pretty gross!  And with all these negative factors we need more nutrients than ever to combat the negative factors.

 “Get all your nutrients from food.  Supplements are bad!  Drugs are good!  Toxins and chemicals are nonsense –  you’re imagining things! Just pop these little pills and you’ll be just fine…  I’ll make you feel real good…” Firstly of all, how many people in the USA come anywhere close to eating the amounts of nutrients they need per day for optimal health?  Not very many.  And the results can be seen in negative  health statistics across the board. On top of that the average person eats too many negative health foods as mentioned.

On top of that, how many people know exactly what foods to eat for what issue? How many people have knowledge of organic versus corrupted food? How many people know the proper foods to eat for the needed nutrients desired?  How many people know what  foods  to not eat that may negate a positive food?  On top of that our average organic food even has far less nutrient density vs. years ago due to modern farming practices. And on top of that people become addicted to their Foods.   They have become slaves to the bad gut bacteria within. 

What about the time of digestion? What about pesticides,  bugs,  bacteria,  heavy metals,  other chemicals,  plastics from packaging?  What about the expense and effort it takes in order to eat the full spectrum of nutrients your body needs even on a daily basis?  What about time eaten up in going out grocery shopping?  Making lists? Plus it’s not cheap and it takes effort which also costs more money and more time so therefore in order to eat for excellent health, or come close if you can eat that quantity of food, you’re going to have to be making a robust salary and most people are not.

Supplements are much cheaper in proportion to the nutrients they deliver and they are refined, tested and purified making them more reliable and less risky.  They are so much more convenient.  Of course we’re not going to eat only supplements but supplements give us way more flexibility in what we can eat and not have to eat. But you know all of this don’t you?  Well join our newsletter and learn about “supplements”, foods, herbs, roots, flowers, barks, leaves, fruits, amino acids, fats etc. that you can use to help more efficiently boost your health towards great levels.

Now I’m not talking about replacing food with supplements of course. Although that depends what you call a supplement in that if you call a protein powder,  fruits and veggies powder,  food bars, protein bars a supplement, well you can get pretty far on that with today’s variety. Plus you need a certain amount of calories, and various other food co-factors that comes from whole foods. But in this discussion we can address specific needs and goals much more efficiently and effectively by supplementing with the foods we eat,  speaking from personal experience.

After over 30 years of testing supplements I’ve learned the POWER of supplements and they’ve helped me accomplish many health goals such as: starting with  general health boost,  to fat burning, to better looks,  to stronger muscles, to greater libido,  to rapid repair of joints after injury,  to eradication of skin issues, to the immediate  boost of the immune system for the thwarting of colds,  diffusing of blood sugar after getting a bit too much of a sugar high after my sweet tooth ran wild  and so on and so on…  When I feel an immune dip coming on making me vulnerable to illness, food can’t touch supplements.  But I have knowledge, experience and understanding of what to take. (Join our newsletter to learn more from me and other pros over time.)

Supplements are foods, well, for the most part.  But they are concentrated foods that are parts of foods, plants, roots, leaves etc.  These plant parts can be particularly effective when tuned into issues related to the benefits of the particular supplement. And if I’m looking to fix a problem or feel better really quickly, supplements are much more effective overall and they are a lot more convenient vs food.

With food there are many other variables involved. First of all you have the digestive process which takes a lot of energy to break down what you ate depending on what you ate.  Then unless juicing and drinking the juice only, foods take quite a while to digest. And if you ate something that had negative factors hidden in the food well (as most non orgaic foods do and even some in organics), that’s a problem. Also if you have other factors in the foods you eat that do not coordinate with the issue you’re trying to address through food you may not have any benefit or make what you’re trying to achieve get worse.  For example many people eat what they think are healthy foods, but end up eating foods that strongly suppress the immune system in the mean time and make them fatter in the process.

This topic is much more complex than can be covered in this article because there can be all sorts of different types of foods and combinations or supplements in the forms of drink powders, which some may call of food but really are supplements such as greens powders and protein powders, collagen powders and so on. So we’ll look to cover this topic in more detail over time through our newsletter.

On that note, make sure you join our newsletter because through the newsletter we’re going to share with you information on how different types of supplements can address different types of desired health boosting results.  You will learn more about the benefits of many different supplements and how they could have a very positive impact on your health will helping you avoid health problems. Knowledge and understanding of supplements is extremely valuable especially in today’s modern age where we need as many positive health factors as we can get.

Rant complete.  Thank you for reading or listening.     In order to get a core supplemental nutrition down pat, look at out Velocity Supplements Core Nutrition Bundle Kits.  We’ve designed these for convenience. 


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