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Supplements for Blood Sugar

Supplements for blood sugar?

“I thought you could only take insulin and drugs for blood sugar digestion problems and then suffer the rest of your life…?

Firstly we have a lot to say on this matter of blood sugar. We have good a amount of expertise in the use of blood sugar and insulin through various nutrient timing experience experiments over the years.  We also have experience from the natural health angle of course and the medical angle as well. ​

Poor blood sugar digestion aka diabetes is a rampant issue. Because people have essentially been lied to all over the place about related root causes to what messes up the blood sugar digestion process.  And the average healthy individual has terrible habits that they think are healthy for blood sugar digestion but are not.  And the unhealthy, well they are in a disastrous position not only for blood sugar digestion issues but many other health issues, at this point in time.​

People have been  taking in copious quantities of foods that may not look like sugar but are foods that are converting into a ton of glucose sugar like starches and grains.  What’s even worse is that the experts are not only telling diabetics and others that these foods are ok to eat but even are “healthy for diabetics” and “what they should eat”.  What a mess. ​

Playing the game of chasing blood sugar levels is another mess. Again, people are given the wrong approach so they go up and down and up and down with their blood sugar putting themselves in dangerous positions of very low blood sugar.  And also long term blood sugar digestion problems can lead to all sorts of other hideous health problems, including early death.​

As you probably know these days, we have so many foods that are corrupted and nutrient depleted and then further processed from there that although many maybe eating a lot of food, they are starving of essential nutrients in the process.  And that is another big mess.​

But do understand that when you start to do the right things for blood sugar digestion health, which you won’t hear about usually from popular health, you give the body what it needs so it usually can repair itself overtime and sometimes pretty quickly.​

There are many factors related to what causes blood sugar digestion health problems or as popularly known, diabetes. No matter what, it is logical to start looking into providing the body what the body needs in order to have healthy blood sugar digestion. It is also logical to stop the bad things that lead to poor blood sugar digestion health and replace them with good things, foods and drinks.​

On top of that there are herbs that have been studied to be highly effective to support the blood sugar digestion process. And we have a bunch of those in our supplements.​

Now on one hand we can’t tell you what to take or advise you whatsoever. You’re going to have to find a knowledgeable healthcare professional who understands nutrition and herbs effectively in order to get any sort of specific prescription or protocol.​

On the other hand a lot of these herbs are things you put on salad, put in soup or toast like cinnamon and coconut oil. Ultimately you have to do your own research and make your own decisions but we are quite excited about the blood sugar digestion support herbs we have here. And we are big fans of the concept of consuming the basic essential nutrients and then adding herbal super powers on top of the basic nutrient needs.​

Here are some of our blood sugar digestion support supplements on this page. And then here is the link to theblood sugar digestion support category on our website. And here are the products listed on Amazon links.

Berberine Capsules – Berberine Supplements for Mood – Memory – Liver – Blood Sugar – Gut 

Blood Sugar Buster Bundle 1

Blood Sugar Buster Bundle 4

Organic Ashwagandha

Magnesium Glycinate – Highly Absorbable form of Magnesium

Blood Sugar Buster Bundle 1 on Amazon

Blood Sugar Buster Bundle 4 on Amazon

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