Supplementation Smarts and Our Approach to Supplementation

Firstly we would like to state that these days, for most people it is very difficult to get actually healthy food and do so on a regular basis. Most convenient food access is very unhealthy and even long-term deadly.

Very healthy food seems hidden to many and takes a good deal of planning and research in order to find sources for convenient access. But unfortunately there is even more to the dilemma whereas firstly we need organic food that isn’t genetically modified or filled with all sorts of poisons while hoping that the organic standard is actually observed. And on top of that we have a general nutrient deficiency in foods across the land due to “modern-day farming practices” including other problem such as the use of dams, which has prevented the natural remineralization of our soils.

Modern day foods that are advertised as healthy tend to be not very healthy whatsoever. Not only are they low in nutrients but they are processed which takes out even more nutrients. Additionally they are packaged in all sorts of materials that seep into the food. And some even melt packaging into their food when they cook, particularly when they cook their food in the packaging, for example, in the microwave. Most food are treated with all sorts of pesticides and are vulnerable to cross contamination of all different sorts. Foods could be genetically modified which has the potential to completely destroy one’s health for a very long time. They can be loaded with pesticides that are proven to cause cancer. And on top of that the soil has been depleted across this country to the point that it takes eating 26 apples in order to equal the nutritional value just one apple eaten in 1950.

So it is our opinion that nutritional supplementation is very much needed and is essential. We speak for my own experience of using supplements over the past for decades. And we have been able to do many wonderful things with nutritional supplements for our own health goals.

One more thing on the topic of foods, since it’s extremely difficult to stay away from corrupted, poisoned food, having supplements to help the body detox has become critical in our opinion.

Of course not all supplements are the same. For example for fish oil supplements there many different types of fish oil Source from different fishes, in different ways and from different parts of the world.

Quite frankly the word “supplements” is a very vague term that is often not correctly used. There are all sorts of different supplements. Most supplements are natural foods in a pill or they are extracts from a natural food. Most supplements are: Leaves, roots, bark, stems, seeds, oils from plants or from sea creatures (fish or krill oil), fruits, flowers or vegetables. If you think about it you can pretty much call most supplement: “salad”. It’s just that putting them in a pill is more convenient although it may seem more exotic versus just eating salad, albeit a very robust salad!

But there are other supplements too, particularly in the muscle building world, that start to delve into the realm of chemicals somewhat and other substances. Of course you have protein, amino acids, pre-workout and post-workout drinks and drink powders and so on. Then you have creatine which is a very popular and respected supplement.

Not all supplements are the same also in terms of quality of ingredients. Also nutrition density for ingredients will vary to how the ingredient was grown. So if the ingredient was grown organically in rich soil, in that plant’s native environment, then that supplement may tend to be more potent versus something that was not grown in rich soil and out of its native environment. Additionally some countries and territories or even individual farms may have polluted lands or just simply very polluted supplement processing. Some countries are notorious for there supplement ingredients for quality and high contamination rate and are often mentioned. Hence we looked you use only USA based manufacturers.

Additionally supplements quality and potency will vary in proportion to their time from farm or created so when you decide to take them. There is a certain protection provided from bottling and encapsulation which reduces oxidation, drying out or just going bad. But since supplements are not stored in a vacuum or in a freezer usually there is a certain decay rate overtime although that decay rate is usually pretty slow. Most supplements have an expiration rate a couple years out.

Another aspect is that we like to use manufacturers that get their supplement manufacturing third party tested for purity and potency. So therefore with third party testing there’s extra verification that we are using and selling, in our case, supplements that are in line with what’s on the label. Also keep in mind that we take our own supplements and we formed our supplement company firstly for own consumption needs! This means that you are getting good stuff that we approve since we take them.

Will look to clarify more about supplements is the future. Supplements can be very powerful and potent, highly effective, for various purposes. We we know from experience and use for the past 40 years how effective supplements can be. And so do many many others. On the other hand a lot of people don’t know about supplements and they are afraid of them because the competition to natural supplements loves to bad-mouth natural supplements since their product is weak, largely ineffective and tends to create 10 more problems when trying to patch one problem.

Additionally frequency and dosage have big impacts on the effectiveness of supplements. If one is trying to achieve certain health results using supplements then they will have to be aware that different supplements require different dosages and different frequencies of ingestion a properly address certain health goals. And those needs will be individualized as well. Many people tend to think they can just take one pill and be done, as silly and illogical as that does sound, due to “magic pill thinking” and brainwashing from modern society and other forms of health approach’s sales pitches.

In terms of finding ideal dosage different supplements for your different health goals there is plenty of information online to see what others are doing. But order to do things right you’ll need to find a knowledgeable healthcare professional who’s actually successful in their ability to get results and then consult with them. Any sort of supplement or diet regimen to obtain certain health goals will require an individualized approach since different people have different needs.

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