CORE Health Starter Supplement Bundle Kits for the Sake of Covering Daily Core Essential Health Maximization Nutrients

We Created These for Go to Autoship Nutrition Plans to Our Nutritional Needs and Also to Optimize Health for Energy, Happiness & Performance. Autoship Removes Worry About Missing Out on Having Maximum Health Monthly While Helping Boost Health Confidence & Hope for the Future in the Process...

The concept here is to make getting core essential nutrients easy. We have assembled supplement bundles according to our research and experience overtime for what we choose to support a variety of health goals.

But first and primary is to have the multivitamin base, because in order to have functionality of other nutrients, vitamins and minerals must be there to facilitate the absorption and use of other advanced nutrients.

What's the difference between each? Each bundle targets the next, progressive health support needed nutrients, up to the "Fantastic" level.
Well if confusing look to do the "Velocity Vitality" CORE bundles for the more robust nutritional program.

But if you're looking more earnestly towards individual needs of a man or woman then we have those programs as well.

So basically one would start with the LIGHT then move to PRO then to Super and then to ULTRA or FANTASTIC after choosing a multivitamin.

So in order to get started first choose a multivitamin. It is suggested to put these on auto-ship because it's really easy to forget to order again and then you run out. And if you run out your body would not getting the nutrients you know it needs. And these days we all need nutrients support badly!

It's very easy to stop a subscription if you want later on because all you need to do is log into your account at our site. The link is at the top that says "My Account" and you can cancel at any time.

Velocity Vitality CORE Health Starter Supplement Bundle Kits

The Velocity Vitality approach follows the supplement path towards the Fantastic Health Bundle. This is for men or women and takes a maximum health type of approach.

Velocity Vitality CORE Health Starter Supplement Bundle Kits

The Velocity Woman approach focuses upon woman's needs starting with a specific women's focused multivitamin. The following bundles are tuned towards women's nutritional needs.

Velocity Vitality CORE Health Starter Supplement Bundle Kits

The Velocity Man approach starts with a men's Focus multivitamin and then goes on to bundle groupings of supplements focused on men's nutrient needs of the day.

Velocity Vitality CORE Health Starter Supplement Bundle Kits

Become a
Velocity MAN!

This is the "men's only" path with protocol bundles designed for helping supply core nutrition needs of the modern male specifically.

Become a VWOMAN!

This is the "women's only" path for focused core health supplements with women's needs in mind.