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Study Shows African Mangoes Supplementation Significantly Improve Liver Function After Heavy Metal Liver Toxicity

Now here’s an interesting side benefit of African mango supplementation in terms of liver health support. One of the things we like about natural foods in natural supplements is that there are usually many “side effects” that are an BENEFICIAL instead of detrimental as you get with isolative chemistry, chemicals in addition to hybrids and GMO’s.

You already probably know when you use isolative chemistry that you usually run into a bunch of detrimental side effects vs. original design natural substance that has many other co-factor nutrients and many other hidden factors that many like to mention that are not yet clearly identified that make the natural substance so synergistically harmonious and powerful to the human body.

So if you want to deal in powerful success and health and you want to deal with natural things of original design.

Now of course you have all sorts of different natural substances for their various different purposes. Use the different natural substance for their correct purpose. Sample you probably wouldn’t want you create a new skin cream with poison ivy in it lol. And there are other herbs for example that have certain benefits in one way but don’t do very well if taking them the other way so each one has its purposes or multiple purposes of benefit but also multiple purposes where you would not use that herb or natural substance. This is logical thinking but in today’s world with so much strange education it has to be mentioned. People are afraid of natural foods and herbs while they’re accepting isolated chemistry that tears them to shreds and gives them multitudinous health problems. Oops.

Here is that study 

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