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Stronger Bones with Collagen Supplementation?

Can collagen supplementation help increase bone strength and Mass?

Did you know that your bones are made mostly from collagen? As we age, a bone loss problem arrives as collagen depreciates in the body over time for the average adult. So we need to counteract this deterioration of collagen in the body through strategic and systematic means. We can adjust our diet and our supplementation program for starters.

Here’s a study showing that using collagen supplement can help prevent the breakdown of collagen of bone, the type of collagen breakdown in the bone that goes into an osteoporosis scenario.   Here is another

Here’s another interesting study that shows considerable Improvement in the prevention of osteoporosis and osteopenia by using collagen supplementation in combination with calcium, elemental calcium in addition to vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 has been found to be very important in combination with any sort of calcium supplementation for the absorption of that calcium into the bones and teeth.   1

Type 1 and type 10 collagen are the two collagen types directly associated with bone strength and growth. Fortunately both types are in our Collagen PRO formula.

We also have a VBones formula that has the D3, calcium plus K2 and bioperine, a combination which is considered critical for calcium absorption into the bones. Also important for bone health is magnesium as you can find in our magnesium glycinate supplement that also in our Velocity Vitality Foods Based Vitamins

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