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Pygeum africanum Helps Prostate Health Big Time and is In Our African Mango Diet Drops

Pygeum Africanum Has Many Benefits But Once The Clinically Studied Benefits Was For Prostate Health In The Reduction Of Prostate Enlargement Issues.

When we use natural herbs and are weight loss supplements we can usually look to receiving multiple additional health benefits. Unfortunately many if not most people have no idea about the powers and benefits of natural nutrients and herbs and do not understand that their weight loss endeavors could be augmented so much more by being more mindful of the powerful additional health benefits that can, with even regular use of natural, herbal weight loss supplements, or various other genres of natural herbal supplements.

Pygeum africanum has so many benefits  such as helping Bbattle inflammation in general while also being anti-bad bug in the body. This is associated with helping eliminate the bad bugs that cause various cravings, usually sugar cravings, out of which those cravings get us to eat foods that make us fat. Pygeum africanum is also associated with helping boost kidney health, helping battle urinary tract infections in addition to becoming a libido booster.

Our philosophy over here at Velocity Supplements is that we look to use various natural supplements for various purposes, to achieve various health goals when needed.  But on top of that we look to use a variety and many natural nutrients, herbs and other supplements  on a habitual basis with the proper dosage for a habitual usage in order to derive the great benefits there, those various herbs thereby adding personal health power to one’s person.

I thought I’d just mention that.  Please look at the clinical study below which I found interesting very helpful.  There have been a lot of problems associated with prostate in particular these days because of bad and poisonous foods, sitting too much, being to stagnant in general, and also the use of cell phones with those cell phones radiating around the pelvic area.

Pygeum africanum for the treatment of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia: a systematic review and quantitative meta-analysis

Results: A total of 18 randomized controlled trials involving 1,562 men met the inclusion criteria and were analyzed ….Men were more than twice as likely to report an improvement in overall symptoms (risk ratio = 2.1, 95% CI: 1.40 to 3.1). Nocturia was reduced by 19% and residual urine volume by 24%; peak urine flow was increased by 23%. Adverse effects due to P. africanum were mild and similar to placebo. The overall dropout rate was 12% and was similar for P. africanum (13%), placebo (11%), and other controls (8%; P = 0.4 versus placebo and P = 0.5 versus other controls). …the evidence suggests that P. africanum modestly, but significantly, improves urologic symptoms and flow measures….


We have Pygeum Africanum in our African Mango Complex Weight Loss Diet Drops formula: check it out you may like this is what formula. It’s very popular and is under 20 servings per bottle. Check out more information about this amazing formula of synergistic ingredients that may just help you finally make it over the hump to the weight loss that you want and need.




Sources – https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/11099686/

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