White Mulberry Complex Supplement Formula for Weight Loss, Carb Blocking Support & Blood Sugar Digestion Support

White Mulberry Complex Supplement Formula for Weight Loss, Carb Blocking Support &  Blood Sugar Digestion Support


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White Mulberry Complex Formula as a Carb Blocker and Sugar Overload Damage Mitigator Tool?

“The co-ingestion of mulberry extract with 75 g sucrose significantly reduced the increase in blood glucose observed over the initial 120 min of testing in control and type 2 diabetic subject….”

So this means that taking Mulberry extract before or with food as per this study can significantly reduce what gets put into the blood as blood sugar. This would also be of benefit for low-carb dieting or keto dieting or those looking to lose weight general. 

Mulberry leaf also could therefore be used as a “carb blocker” to help reduce the impact of eating high carb, starchy foods and sweet deserts.  So the concept here would be to take a supplement with mulberry leaf powder probably at least 30 minutes before a high carb meal or desert to help mitigate the blood sugar dump damage and prevent weight gain. 

Why Buy White Mulberry Complex Weight Loss Formula?

  1. Help boost the health of the various blood sugar digestion processes.
  2. Help block carbohydrate absorption in order to help reduce overall impact, or rather damage, from eating excess carbs knowingly or unknowingly.
  3. Help prevent weight gain by reducing impact of carbohydrate digestion in the body.
  4. Immune-boosting formula help fight bad bugs including the bad bugs that are related to causing cravings for foods that make you fat.
  5.  Support for helping  reduce insulin resistance.
  6.  It has been shown that cinnamon, depending on the dosage of course, the lower blood sugar levels from 10 to 29%. Study 2 
    Study 3 
  7. Neurological health support boosting Study 1 Study 2 
    Study 3 
  8. Have a nutritional supplement habit help boost the immune system even to help support cancer prevention. Cinnamon has shown to reduce growth of cancer cells and the formation of tumors. Cinnamon also has shown to be an apoptosis agent which means that it helps trigger cancer cells to “commit suicide”, as turmeric, ginger and saffron do as well. Study 1 Study 2 Study 3 Cinnamon even activates enzymes that are anticancer There is a component in cinnamon called cinnamaldehyde that is used to fight infection. Not only is cinnamon antibacterial it’s also antiviral. Cinnamon has been used an antiviral. And in fact cinnamon has shown to be the most antiviral in a study of over 60 medicinal plants 
  9.  Helps boost the good HDL cholesterol and lower the bad LDL cholesterol. Helps lower triglyceride levels even though I’ve to 28% as one study showed for  Garcinia Cambogia.
  10. Garcinia also helps decrease sugar uptake in the gut  additionally being labeled as a carb blocker helping reduce the fat  storage damage  thatexcess carb intake causes. 
  11. Garcinia Cambogia is also study associated with killing bad bugs that cause cravings  for fattening foods. It’s associated with appetite reduction. it’s also an immune booster and an antioxidant amongst some of its other benefits.

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