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Vitamin D3 5000 IU Sunshine in a Bottle

Ample Supplementation of Vitamin D3 Has Become an Important and Increasingly Popular Thing to Do…

There is a global epidemic of vitamin D deficiency as reported by various national and global health organizations and you may not want to be one of those stuck in this epidemic…

Why so? Well we don’t work outside in the fields anymore. A large percentage of a population has gone indoors working in front of computers and inside buildings, way too much, in comparison to are outdoor activities of yesteryear.

On top of that we have been told that the sun is “bad for you” and that you should wear a lots of chemical loaded sunscreen and so on…

Well those behavioral habits and attitudes toward the sun aren’t working out so well and a cornucopia of human health problems under various disease titles have ensued. Yes and of course obviously, one can get too much sun exposure but the problem is these days, the average individual gets way too little.

And on top of that sunscreen blocks out the UV rays that you need to produce vitamin D3. And if your skin is darker or tanned, having more pigment, then that pigment will block out more UV rays. Hence your tan is a protection mechanism the coordinates with the amount of UV exposure you get as your body responds to avoid getting too much.

But again with modern lifestyle, getting sun exposure is very difficult. We’re busy. We’ve got things to do. There’s only so much skin we can expose from where we are or where we’re working throughout the day. And what about cold climate fall winter and spring, brrrr who wants to sit out with skin exposure in the cold! Getting a suntan every day or even every other day can be quite disruptive. So… Thankfully we have Vitamin D3 supplementation!

Many of healthcare professionals these days including many universities around the world and research centers have discovered the significance of supplementation with vitamin D3 meaning that they look to match the vitamin D levels of historically normal sun exposure. They found out that we’ve taken and quite a bit more vitamin D levels then what’s generally recommended. In the average summer sun moderate skin exposure can produce 10,000 to 20,000 IU within 20 minutes!

Here is a study that shows that only 30 minutes of midday summer sun exposure in Oslo, Norway, Norway! Brrrr…  was equivalent to consuming 10,000–20,000 IU of vitamin D. Vitamin D3 Study

Here is a another study giving a picture of Vitamin D3 generated from the sun vs. Vitamin D3 supplements with athletes in Poland.  Vitamin D3 Study 2   Here is another study in regards to sun exposure and vitamin D3 levels in South America which also emphasizes how important it is to have high vitamin D3 levels to prevent cancer.   Here’s another Norway Vitamin D study showing the correlation with a rise in lung cancers to lower levels of Vitamin D3.

I can speak from experience growing up and yesteryear playing outside hours per day in Florida, at least in terms of bone strength, it was rare to hear kids having broken bones even after doing crazy things like jumping off of roofs onto the grass. Oh yes, vitamin D3 helps calcium get absorbed into your bones and teeth!

Also, have you heard?  Significant enough supplementation is said to stop telemoere shortening which technically stops the aging process.  And now along those lines then,  with enough Vitamin D3 supplementation, we can help stop, maybe even reverse aging process without torching our skin out in the sun in the process. (Yes, leather dried up skin is not attractive…)

So the average daily “recommendation” in correlation to natural sun exposure Maybe actually tragically dismal comparing to what you may need naturally in historically speaking. In fact when certain healthcare professionals are treating particular health issues they will use up to 100.000 to 200,000 IU.

Of course do your own research and follow the advice of your knowledgeable Healthcare professional. The body is a delicate balance of things. But on the other under nourishing the body can lead to all sorts of hideous health problem as we are seeing these days.

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