VHAIR Health Amplifier Kit – Collagen PRO – VHAIR – VESSANCE Hair Oil – Hair Serum – Unscented – Orange Blossom – Bergamot Vanilla

We really like this kit for hair health, thick hair, hair growth, hair regrowth, thin hair to thick, filling out those thin hair patches and bald spots.

Look, I have no idea. Poor hair follicles are just simply starving. They’re clogged up and they’re starving. So therefore you need the Internet Rishon and the outer nutrition in order to help optimize your hair follicle hair production. Also check out the ingredients on our hair oils which are really powerful hair serums. If you have done much study into oils that are good for hair at you’ll really like our hair oil formulas. Plus the scents are surprisingly good, not overly strong and even smell a bit tasty (although you could probably eat the oil what’s your hair follicles eat it instead:)