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VFLEX Joint Supplement for Join Pain Designed for Stronger & More Flexible Joints

VFLEX – Supplement for Joint Pain, Joint Strength and Joint Flexibility


  • MSM
  • ~ 3rd Party Tested for Purity & Potency ~
  • 60 Veggie Capsules – Dietary Supplement


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We Have Bromelain in VFLEX for Helping Liberate Your Joints from Pain and Stiffness

What is bromelain? It’s an enzyme commission point is an enzyme usually attributed to pineapples. It’s derived from the juice and the stem of a pineapple usually and manufacturing processes.

bromelain has been shown to be effective against inflammation in particular molecules associated with triggering inflammation in the body.

Bromelain is approaching digesting enzyme. So can go to work breaking down proteins based, amino acid-based tissues in the body which then therefore can have many positive effects as bromelain is associated with only breaking down bad subsstances in the body.


“The studies reported indicated that the use of bromelain, at varying doses (these doses were relatively low as compared to subsequent studies) and differing duration, had positive clinical effects in 18 patients (as measured by assessment of reduction in soft tissue swelling, pain and/or joint stiffness) and no adverse events associated with the medication were reported in any of these case reports. This data therefore provided a plausible basis for the further assessment of bromelain in musculoskeletal disorders.” –

Bromelain as a Treatment for Osteoarthritis: a Review of Clinical Studies


“A 2004 review study in the journal Evidence-Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine said that bromelain may have the potential to “provide a safer alternative or adjunctive treatment for osteoarthritis.”

The 2016 Biomedical Reports paper concluded that “bromelain has been recognized as a safe and successful type of therapeutic agent, and is being used by individuals worldwide for a number of ailments, such as bronchitis, sinusitis, arthritis, and inflammation.”

Such papers recommend more research to better understand bromelain’s effectiveness for arthritis. But in the meantime, a number of arthritis patients — like those who see Dr. Rothenberg — say bromelain is helping their daily lives.

“I have a woman in her fifties who is into golf but has arthritis in her knees,” says Dr. Rothenberg. “If she takes bromelain right before and right after, she says she has a much better time on the course.” Dr. Rothenberg has similarly seen bromelain help ease symptoms in osteoarthritis patients ranging from a 30-something training for a triathlon to employees who have developed wrist and finger issues from regular computer use.  –    Bromelain for Arthritis: Will It Help?

Boswellia For Joint Pain – Boswellia is Indian Frankincense

Boswellia has become a popular ingredient for joint pain and as an enabler of the recuperation and repair of joint health and strength.

Boswellia has been used for a long time for a variety of health conditions. It is usually associated with the reduction of inflammation these days.

Boswellia is also taking as an anti-pain nutrients. It is also use in various anticancer protocols. Boswellia has been used against brain cancer, breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. Additionally it’s been used to help decrease asthmatic events.

There is a substance called leukotrienes in the body which triggers inflammation and even asthma and boswellic acid can prevent the formation of leukotrienes. Here is a study related to that.


Glucosamine For Joint Pain And Joint Health Has Been Long Time Used Establish Joint Health Support Nutrient.


Glucosamine is a natural amino acid sugar that your own body produces. That said with lack of an optimally functioning body and lack of a optimally fed body it is easy to run at a lack of production of need glucosamine for joint repair. And glucosamine is in highest concentration in the joints and cartilage in the body.

So in a similar way to collagen supplementation which has proven effective for many issues in the body one would supplement with glucosamine with the concept of having the amino acid there, helping the body out with extra glucosamine to make it easier for the body to do its various repair and replacement.

Speaking of collagen, there are studies that have shown that glucosamine is associated with preventing or reducing general collagen breakdown.

VFLEX provides a whopping 1500 mg of glucosamine per serving.


VFLEX Has Anti-joint Pain Support.

There are many reasons one could incur joint pain, many reasons that many people don’t know about besides the obvious such as “aging”.  diet habits injury, the subtle slight habits that provide too much of a negative thing or too little of a needed positive thing can upset the body’s joint strength and health.

Injury of course or old injuries can lead to problems into the future but… Since the body can regenerate arguably most of the future joint pain problems occur from lack of correction of blockages in the area of that joint and lack of nutrients to help the joints rebuild in addition to lack of super nutrients that can help the joints rebuild at a more accelerated rate.

A VFLEX Joint Health Supplement Habit Can Help You Have Valuable Nutrients Ready And Available For Your Joints To Clean Out And Repair.

By taking in super nutrients for the joints such as the nutrients in VFLEX joint support supplement formula you can give your body a significant – in its attached to regenerate joints issue into a stronger form. The body is continually regenerating and replacing itself we just need to help the body do that.

Certain types of exercises, movement in general, stretching and other various techniques can help increase the body’s ability to go reduce joint pain and restore joint strength especially when joint health support nutrients are readily available for your body to use for better and more rapidly repairing the joints.

Help Make It Easier For Your Body To Regenerate And Repair.

When you get ready reduce inflammation then you can increase flow of hydration oxygen and nutrients which then therefore can help the joints repair putting the joints in a greater probability position for healthy repair.

Also when you include super nutrients for joints, nutrients that joints love then you can put your joints and position for accelerated repair, inflammation reduction, pain reduction, all while giving your joints a better chance to grow stronger.

Remember that your joints are living tissue and all living tissue regenerates. Unless you had joint replacement your joints are plastic and metal they are living tissue. If people in general start treating their joints as living tissue more than the chances of having greater success at repairing the joints to good strength increase.

VFLEX For Helping Restore The Ability To Move More With Greater Agility?

VFLEX could be the solution you need to get you started on a complete joint rehabilitation program from joint pain or even just mediocre joints with the goal of reestablishing the joint strength and ability you had in your teenage years.

Now that may sound a bit while the crazy to some folks but consider this: unless you have the goal, the picture to aim for, the destination point for your airline flight or your cruise at sea, your most likely not going to get to where you want to go!

And a lot of people have been told all sorts of negative things about the at potential of their joints strength reestablishment. But what about the positive things? What about the proactive things you can do to help build joint strength up little by little and layer by layer?

There are different workouts, diets, techniques, protocols and even technology that can help you regenerate your joints. Additionally daily habits even little ones can be shifted so that they become Pro joint health and strength instead of anti-joint health and strength. Yes it’s these little habits that we don’t even notice that can make a huge difference towards having better joint strength and agility versus worst joint strength and ability.

VFLEX Is Primarily Glucosamine Supplement For Joint Pain

The prime ingredient we have the most other helpful joint health boosting the nutrients is glucosamine sulfate.  This is a popular nutrient for joint pain and joint health.

glucosamine exist naturally in your body so your own body makes glucosamine. But as for supplementation we look to supplement, we look to help out the body and provide ample nutrients of the body can do its best job to regenerate stems optimal form.

Glucosamine is also attributed towards helping reduce inflammation which is also correlated to reducing joint pain.

Glucosamine also helps the body develop synovial fluid which provides lubrication for the joints which allows for greater flexibility, agility, injury prevention and general reduction of joint pain.

In this study cyclists reduce collagen degradation enemies by 27% by using glucosamine supplementation.  So long that now using VFLEX in combination with our Collagen PRO collagen capsules five types of collagen in one pill could be a great combination for helping you reduce joint pain and restore joint strength, agility and optimal regeneration.

glucosamine is also use for the prevention of bone weakness and for the reversal of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis ( which is bone deterioration). It is used as a long-term supplement for helping prevent osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.

Glucosamine for knee osteoarthritis.

Long-term benefits of glucosamine sulfate supplementation including the prevention of joint space narrowing.

Rheumatoid arthritis reduction through glucosamine supplementation.

Glucosamine supplementation plus vitamin D providing significant benefits for the reduction of rheumatoid arthritis…


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