Velocity Vitality Core Health SUPER Bundle – Eyes, Nerves, Brains, Joints & Hair

In Our Velocity Vitality Core Health Super Bundle We Focus On Giving Our Eyes, Nerves, Brains, Joints & Hair A Powerful Base Of Nutrients And Super Nutrients For Optimal Health And Performance.

Velocity Vision, VFLEX Joint Complex, Velocity Brains, VHAIR Skin Nails & Velocity Charger B-12 Drops

We wanted to make sure we cover the base of nutritional needs plus super foods, super herbs support for these body parts of prime importance. Extra nutritional support is needed these days particularly for those who are starting to age.

But on the other hand everyone is always aging… and average nutrient intake for the average person these days quite low.  So by supplementing, we can better stay ahead of the aging process. 

So we created these “Core Health” bundle concepts for convenience and organization for ourselves which we then share with you. And we find that it’s very important to be well-organized in our supplement regimen or it’s easy to forget to take our supplements or get distracted by some other new supplements. And we have found that it helps quite a bit to have the foundational nutrients needed for optimizing health, productivity and performance continually before us with ease of access that can be had with auto-ship.

Velocity Core Health Series supplement bundles were design for ourselves for augmenting our health to “Super” status. These supplements are carefully picked in combination with each other in the bundle and in synergy to all the velocity core health supplements.  You may appreciate these bundles and as well as the special bundle pricing.

We have found that these supplements throughout the various bundles in the Velocity Core Health Bundle Series to be very beneficial to overall health, functionality, energy, productivity and confidence. And each supplement has well documented benefits associated that can be easily researched.

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