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Velocity Vitality Core Health LIGHT Supplements Bundle

Our Velocity Vitality Core  Health Kit Addresses 3 Prime Chronic Global Human Lacks Of Nutrients Noted By Most Healthcare Professionals These Days:

1. Vitamin D3 Deficiency

2. the Omega 3 to 6 Imbalance &

3. Gut Biome Balance Health.

It has been said that there is a global epidemic of low vitamin D3 levels due to lack of sunshine which is usually attributed to a more modern lifestyle, the use of technology, less of a need to work outdoors in addition to various scare tactics about sun exposure in combination with the overuse of sunscreen. So an easy to fix this as most healthcare professionals note is to simply take Vitamin D3 supplements.

On to the next major lack in society these days – proper gut biome imbalance.

Too much of a concentration of certain gut bacteria in the body that is considered to be bad versus a certain concentration of gut bacteria in the body that’s considered to be good can cause problems.

But really, you need all of those bacteria that are considered good and bad gut bacteria because they help us process different substances including help kill off bad infectious bacteria as E coli. We just need a more optimal restoration of the gut biome on average as many health care professionals have found.

And these days it is said that we just need a little extra help restoring the good gut bacteria because the good gut bacteria tends to be killed off do to chemical poisonings, toxins, heavy metals, non organic foods, processed foods, junk food in general, artificial sweeteners especially, lack of fiber, lack of raw fruits and vegetables and so on…

Yet on the other hand, if we are actually eating and drinking the junky foods and drinks, the bad foods and substances that require what we call a bad gut bacteria to help us actually digest those bad things then we’ll be growing that bad gut bacteria.

Unfortunately the bad bacteria has it’s negative health side effects when they get out of balance. So a change in diet is important but also probiotic supplementation as many health care professionals say could be highly beneficial and helpful.

The next major lack and society is Omega-3 fatty acids.

Over the past 100 Years of the balance of Omega-3 fatty acids to a Omega-6 fatty acids in foods themselves and the average food types one eats has gone extremely out of line. So what you may ask?

Omega 6 fatty acids cause INFLAMMATION.  Inflammation is the root of most all modern disease.

Not only does the modern junk food cause this but also farmed foods themselves have been weakened and corrupted overtime in their Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratios.

And fortunately the fastest way to restore this balance is by fish oil or krill oil supplementation both of which are noted for a large list of health benefits.

We have assembled these three prime nutritional needs of modern society in a convenient bundle kit which not only offers savings but also offers a convenient reminder that we need these nutrients.

Also by creating these Velocity Vitality Core Bundle Kits – we keep organized to help make sure we get our nutrient needs on a regular basis, otherwise it’s too easy to jump around here and there, from supplement to supplement, going by emotional feelings while forgetting to take our main core nutrients, thereby creating a chronic lack of an important nutrient base.

So on that note you may want to consider putting these Velocity Vitality Core Bundles on autoship.

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The Velocity Core Health Series Supplement Bundles Were Designed for Organization and Consistency to Help Make Sure We Take in Our Essential Nutrients Plus “Power Up” Nutrients for Greater Performance Nutrients Every Day.

These supplements were carefully picked in combination with each other to operate synergistically with all other Velocity Vitality CORE Health Bundles.

  • This is the LIGHT bundle which targets helping restore our OMEGA 3 to OMEGA 6 balance ratio (a big deal to modern health). 
  • It helps boost our “Sunshine Vitamin” levels, which is vitamin D3.  And having ample vitamin D3 is another very important modern health issue (even considered to be a globally deficient nutrient and deficiency of vitamin D3 is associated with all sorts of health problems). 
  • And thirdly we have a top-notch probiotics supplement with pass through technology which is designed to get the probiotics all the way to the gut (the good symbiotic body bacteria that has been studied to solve an extraordinary amount of health problems.)
  • So with this pass through mechanism, the probiotics can survive all the way to your gut to where they belong instead of getting chewed up in the stomach.
  • Gut biome imbalance is another global epidemic which associated with all sorts of other diseases especially since the rise of modern farming practices and the use of antibiotics as medicine.
  • You may appreciate these bundles for convenience and as well as the special bundle pricing.

We have found that these supplements throughout the various bundles in the Velocity Core Health Bundle series to be very beneficial to overall health, functionality, energy, productivity and confidence. And each supplement has well documented benefits associated that can be easily researched. We have noticed that if we don’t get organized with our protocols and put them on auto-ship for ourselves it’s easy to get distracted and end up with and ever-changing array of supplements or rather, a LACK of supplements. So auto-ship helps a lot! And as you know it’s already very difficult to make sure we all get the exact nutrients we need everyday for optimal health from foods. And on top of that, as you have probably heard, that poor farming practices have our foods a drastically reduced nutrient levels whereas they compare needing to eat 26 apples today to equal the equivalent of nutrients in one apple from 1950… (USA) So therefore we believe that, along with other successful healthcare professionals, it’s absolutely critical to supplement these days. And we proved that to ourselves from our own experience because supplements have helped us out so much and so many times in the past.

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