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Velocity VISION – Comprehensive Eye Supplement Formula Loaded with Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals that Support Superior Eye Health…

Velocity VISION Supplement Formula. Eye Health Boosting Supplement Formula.

Your Eyes Are Living Organs.  They Need Food.  They Need Certain Nutrients.  They Also Need Cleansing.  If  You Are Not Eating a Diet Optimized Robustly for Eye Health with Lots of Eye Power Herbs Sprinkled on Top, then Try Velocity VISION!

Our Velocity VISION Formulation Has Combined a Robust Array Of Most Of The Most Powerful Eye Health Support Ingredients Known to Scientists And Healthcare Professionals.

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Velocity Vision – Eye Supplement – Premium Blend Vision Support Supplement

Check out more information on velocity vision eye supplement formula and start feeding your eyes the nutrients they crave.

  • ALA
  • 3rd Party Tested for Purity & Potency ~ 60 Capsules – Dietary Supplement


Velocity Vision – Eye Supplement – Premium Blend Vision Support Supplement

The eyes are easily neglected. Not many think much about their eyeballs needing nutrients to thrive. Maybe it’s time to consider giving the eyeballs some much needed tender loving care and do so as a habit.

Velocity VISION also has extra vitamins and minerals supplement for the eyes to help provide the eyes nutrients they need for regeneration and functionality such as Lutein. Zeaxanthin. Bilberry. Eyebright. Rutin. Quercetin. Lycopene. Grape Seed. ALA. & N-Acetyl Cysteine.


We have used Velocity Vision quite successfully ourselves in the process of helping rapidly restore the ability to read fine print, especially when the print gets small on supplement bottles within 2 weeks!  That’s our experience.  It was amazing.  Register to our Velocity VISION Eye Health NEWSLETTER to Learn How to Maximize Eye Health…

Eye supplementation is more than important than ever these days and many have excessive eye strain due to modern technological lifestyle and low nutrient average diets due to poor farming, poor availability and excessive availability of processed foods.

Consequently eye health supplementation support may very well be beneficial for providing needed nutrients and super nutrients for eyes.

ZEAXANTHIN and LUTEIN in particular helps with tech device blue light blocking support. And Velocity VISION has many more powerful eye nutrients for supporting superior vision support too.

Most People Never Hear About the Availability of “Eye Vitamins” or “Vitamins for Vision”,  Powerful Nutrients for Boosting their Eye Health So They Go On Starving Their Eyes Setting Those Poor Eyes Up for Problems and Weakness.

Unfortunately, people these days tend to not look at the root causes and the potentialities of various negative health factors or lack of positive factors in today’s modern lifestyle.

Now that’s not to say that everything was peachy keen and ideal in yesteryear, especially due to the lack of availability of things due to lack of general manufacturing, farming and logistics of the variety of different foods and herbs and the ability of people to get access to them  as we have these days.

The good news is that in these days we have the logistics and the vast variety of different people producing different health products and natural organic farm substances that we have the ability to become the most healthiest our species of ever become. 

Yet most people lack the knowledge and understanding of what their bodies need for optimal functioning, and arguably, most people ignore the concepts that our eyes need nutrients too!   

People rush off for this treatment and that, this new set of glasses and that without knowing that their eyes are essentially starving of needed nutrients, and super nutrients for rapid recuperation and repair.   It’s like trying to make your car move in different ways instead of simply refueling the tank with gasoline or replacing a dead battery, for example.

I, the typer here, can speak from my own experience of the power of eye supplements.  Especially with the Velocity Vision Eye Power Bundle 1  which contains Velocity VISION and other powerful eye nutrients. 

After 2 weeks of taking that Velocity Vision Eye Power Bundle 1  my eye sight, particularly near vision which was my struggle, was dramatically restored in that I could read the tiny print on supplement bottles again.  I was shocked. Now that personally impressed me!   

I thought I’d mention it since maybe these good nutrients could help you in a similar way.  I’m not allowed to make you promises of future benefits, but hey, these nutrients work very well for me.  Plus it’s logical to feed the eyes their essentially needed nutrients plus extra eye power boosting nutrients too.   

Yes I was worried about having to get glasses, but not any more.  My vision is a lot more clear and my eyes don’t feel like they are strained like they used be.  And yes, I’m in front of the computer many hours per day, arguably, too many as many others are these days in modern times, around the globe.   

Great Eye Health Has Become a Mystery to the Masses When It’s Actually Not that Mysterious…

Many people may have been convinced into concepts such as needing glasses, as if their eyes are “defective”, or overall eye deterioration due “to age”, when it’s quite possible that the eyes were simply starving for needed nutrients. 

Your eyes need:

  1. Essential nutrients
  2. Extra eye power boosting nutrients
  3. Cleansing nutrients to help cleanse the junk and sludge out of the eyes.
  4. A good quantity of essential nutrients, super nutrients and cleansing nutrients, on a habitual basis, in order to accomplish the health goal that you want to accomplish.

But then again, very few seem to know the power of certain nutrients for the eyes.  Fortunately you are going to learn about those powers on this page.

As many healthcare professionals have noted, that through the reversal of bad habits and the amplification of good habits such as increasing eye beneficial nutrients, eye health can be better maximized.  It can improved and even possibly be brought back to full health by supplying the eyes their essential nutrients in addition to the various super nutrients for eyes.

So before letting fear, worry and depression set in about eye health and vision clarity,  consider reviewing your eye health habits while getting educated in regards to what things, what habits and what nutrients can help make your eyes stronger. 

And remember, its your habits that will create or wreck the health of your eyes.  And since it is difficult to figure out what to eat and to have those foods available to be consumed daily, eye supplements can be a big help. 

And if we haven’t mentioned already, Velocity VISION is arguably the best vision supplements, eye supplements formula on the market with one of the largest spectrum of nutrients, herbs associated with helping boost eye health. 

What we look to do is add as many good natural health boosting substances from many angles in order to improve the health of an organ, in this case the eyes. This is why we have so many related to eye supportive beneficial ingredients in our Velocity VISION formula.

Eyebright – Euphrasia officinalis has been used for centuries in traditional herbal medicine. It has the flavonoids luteolin and quercetin.

These two flavonoids help as an antihistamine which is beneficial in allergy season. Eyebright has been studied to control inflammation in human cornea cells It is also been studied to protect cornea cells from sun related damage and inflammation.

Eyebright has also been used in eye drops particularly to help those who have had allergies affecting the eyes with great success reducing swelling, redness, burning and sticky secretions (study)

Eyebright has been studied to help control inflammation in human cornea cells which is the clear tissue over the colored part of your eyes.- Study.

Eyebright also has other associated benefits such as boosting the immune system, helping protect the liver, helping mitigate colds and flus, helping lower blood sugar in rats with diabetes, but not affecting those rats that did not have diabetes; and helping support skin health which means protecting against oxidative damage from the environmental atmosphere and the sun.

Plus Eye Bright has the additional benefit of helping support the skin which means it  could also be helpful in preventing wrinkles and other skin problems.

Lycopene has strong antioxidant properties which helps provide a counter to environmental toxins and oxidation.

Lycopene been associated with the prevention of cataracts and the prevention of macular degeneration both of which are the leading cause of blindness in older adults. See these two studies 1 2 

Rutin is widely associated with Eye Health and has been associated with Eye Health Restoration through the strengthening of the capillaries helping deliver blood flow to the eyes.

Rutin is a bioflavonoid found in various plants but especially citrus fruits. Bioflavonoids are important because they are antioxidants they are anti-mutagenic helping prevent your cells from going bad and duplicating badly, they help the body absorb more vitamin C and they boost the effectiveness of antioxidants in the body.

Rutin is also associated with helping decrease capillary break down in general and the eyes especially.

Zeaxanthin in addition to lutein have become important ingredients in modern times helping protect the eyes from UV light but also blue light from computer screens. 

This blue light from computer screens is said to be able to cause damage to the eyes. Zeaxanthin has been studied to increase optical macular pigment in the eyes and for macular degeneration prevention. Those who have more macular pigment have been found to have lower macular degeneration.

Zeaxanthin and lutein filter short wavelengths of light that caused damage and free radicals.  Study

Supplementation with Zeaxanthin in addition to lutein has also shown to help prevent cataracts.  Study

Supplementation with Zeaxanthin in addition to lutein has also shown to help prevent diabetic retinopathy reducing the markers that show oxidative stress in the eyes which is what damage is the eyes.  Study.

Supplementation with Zeaxanthin in addition to lutein has also shown to help prevent inflammation in the eye.  Study

Lutein and zeaxanthin levels drop with aging so supplementation of these important nutrients could be a very beneficial thing helping prevent age-related eye problems such as cataracts as well as macular degeneration and degrading eye health associated to aging.

Zeaxanthin and lutein offers an important one-two punch for overall eye health and especially macular regeneration support. “Lutein and zeaxanthin intake and the risk of age-related macular degeneration: a systematic review and meta-analysis” 

Lutein and zeaxanthin are associated with helping reduce oxidative stress markers, markers that are correlated with  eye damage and vision loss. Study.

It’s also important to note that lack of zeaxanthin and lutein can lead to cataracts! The average diet may not even come close to the zeaxanthin and lutein or person needs on a daily basis to have optimal eye health and avoid cataracts. It’s just so much easier supplementing. Plus modern farming practices are known to deplete nutrients across the board includes.
Lutein and zeaxanthin and the risk of cataract: the Melbourne visual impairment project”   Study

On that note consider putting our Velocity VISION Eye Health supplement on autoship so you never run out. Velocity VISION is arguably one of the best eye supplements on the market. Just look at the ingredients! 

What We Look To Do Personally Is Add As Many Good Natural Health Boosting Substances As We Can From Many Angles And Turn Doing So Into A Habit In Order To Improve The Health Of An Organ, Which Is In This Case, The Eyes.

This is why we have so many supplements related to eye health support, eye beneficial ingredients in our Velocity VISION formula. Natural substances overall are considered to be able to work harmonious with each other. 

Velocity Vision Has a Supportive Harmonious Blend Of Vitamins

Theses vitamins support eye health that can also coordinate well with a good multivitamin. Vitamin A, vitamin C and the B vitamins are directly associated towards having good eye health.

  • Vitamin A has been widely known to be linked to good eye health. This is why they say to eat carrots in order to see better. Vitamin A helps with night vision and our ability to adjust to changes in the light. Vitamin A helps keep eyes hydrated. Vitamin A helps fend off macular degeneration while helping prevent the formation of cataracts.
  • Vitamin C is very well linked to good eye health including helping prevent cataracts, for reducing macular degeneration and eye pressure build up as related to glaucoma. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and a potent neutralizer for just about any bad thing in the body.
  • Vitamin E is also well known to be associated with good eye health. It’s important to get all these vitamins and nutrients from food and supplementation.

Velocity Vision Has It Blend Of Supportive Minerals That Are Important For Eye Health Such As Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Copper Gluconate, And Chromium Picolinate.

Did you know that one of the root cause true majority of modern health problems is the lack of minerals?

Certain health care professionals through their studies have identified that the lack of minerals are indeed a root cause to most modern health problems.  And each lack of each mineral is linked to a particular health problem. 

As you may have heard, modern farming practices severely deplete minerals in foods. Also you have food processing which further takes minerals out of food.

Also there are other very unhealthy practices in food processing such as “refining” salt, “refining” sugar and “refining” flour which create derivative substances by filtering away the natural balance of minerals which destroy the body and further drain minerals from the body. 

So such refined nutrients not only do not provide needed minerals but end up draining the minerals we have in the body out from the body thereby opening the body to all sorts of troubles that can lead to bigger health problems.

Consequently, staying ahead of our body’s, our eyes in particular in this case, mineral needs can be called a smart & strategic thing to do for putting one’s eyes in a better position for great health, ability and stability. 

N-Acetylcysteine for Boosting Glutahione to Help Protect the Lenses of Your Eyes

Scientists and researchers have been making breakthroughs with n-acetylcysteine. n-acetyl cysteine is a powerful antioxidant that has one of the most powerful antioxidants, which is glutathione as its base.

In fact the concentration of glutathione in the lens of the eye is greater than any other part of the body. And the lens of the eye comes under the most bombardment a free radicals.

There are direct correlations with eye health and antioxidant levels. Studies show correlations between eye health and glutathione, vitamin C, vitamin E and other antioxidants. And in fact a combination of vitamin A, C, and vitamin E is needed to regenerate oxidized glutathione.

Glutathione in the body can be recycled if you have these nutrients in ample supply. Again, the cornerstone problem behind most health problems is the lack of nutrients that would enable the body to resolve it’s own health problem according to many successful health care professionals.

  • Vitamin A has been widely known to be linked to good eye health. This is why they say to eat carrots in order to see better. Vitamin A helps with night vision and our ability to adjust to changes in the light. Vitamin A helps keep eyes hydrated. Vitamin A helps fend off macular degeneration while helping prevent the formation of cataracts.
  • Vitamin C is very well linked to good eye health including helping prevent cataracts, for reducing macular degeneration and eye pressure build up as related to glaucoma. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and a potent neutralizer for just about any bad thing in the body.
  • Vitamin E is also well known to be associated with good eye health. It’s important to get all these vitamins and nutrients from food and supplementation.

These days, it is just too hard to get such of a broad spectrum of nutrients we need from foods just due to poor foods availability and poor farming practices which have just a fraction of the nutrients in foods we used to have decades ago.

Now if we can just fix the farming practices and make sure they’re all organic with great rich soil in combination with today’s logisitics, ability to deliver things around the world, there wouldn’t be much of a health crisis left.

But even if you so nobly tried to get all your nutrients from food, you would have to eat such mass quantities these days which would be very expensive, take up a lot of your time, probably give you digestive troubles and make you go to the bathroom a lot…

Or you can just use supplements, like Velocity VISION, saving time, while very inexpensively (compared to buying and prepping all of that food)  providing powerful nutrients that are just way too hard to get just from foods alone, plus also herbs that you wouldn’t eat on a regular basis.

Zinc Is Important For The Eyes 

…in that it helps convert beta carotene into a usable form of vitamin A in the body.

Do not underestimate the importance and the power of using supplements for the eyes as I once did, speaking from experience of being lazy in the past in regards to using eye supplements. With Velocity VISION you have an exceptionally potent and quite frankly, brilliant formula of ingredients. You may likely notice quite a difference in your VISION fairly quickly as I did, the writer.

And also remember that we need great eye health more than ever in these high-tech days since we have to read a lot more and strain our eyes more looking at a computer screens or a cell phones a lot longer than we should be.

Bilberries Are Associated With Boosting Eye Health

…in particular with its purple pigment rhodopsin. Bilberry is associated with being able to help improve night vision. Bilberries are loaded with flavonoids in a powerful way and have been attributed to helping prevent macular degeneration and blindness in general.

Chromium Picolinate Has Been Found To Be Important Mineral In Association With Eye Health

…in particular in regards to intraocular eye pressure. Intraocular eye pressure has become more of a problem in modern time due to overuse of computers and devices. We can tend to gawk at these devices a bit too long on average.  Also low chromium has been associated with blood sugar digestion problems which is also cross correlated with eye problems. So then chromium is associated with helping relieve this intraocular eye pressure that causes eye strain.

Copper Gluconate Is Associated With Helping Rebuild Tissue Scaffolding And Helps Support Collagen Stimulation For The Eyes.

Copper is also involved in helping produce hemoglobin which helps deliver oxygenation throughout the body into the eye. Since the eyes rapidly regenerate the eyes need an ample supply of nutrients and oxygen.

Quercetin Is Another Powerful Antioxidant Needed For The Health Of Your Body But Also For The Health Of Your Eyes.

Quercetin helps your capillary health and your capillary health is extremely important for your eyes. Remember that the average individual strains their eyes quite a bit more versus historically speaking. Quercetin has been directly associated with helping lower the risk of developing cataracts.

L-Taurine for the Eyes.

L-taurine is a powerful amino acid that gets overlooked as it has many benefits when consumed in ample amounts. In fact having high amounts of L-taurine in the diet is linked with the longevity of the okinawan people in Japan that have an average lifespan of 100 years old, the current highest on Earth.

There are many benefits associated with L-taurine. But as related to the eyes it’s quite important have adequate levels of L-taurine to help prevent age-related vision loss, prevent macular degeneration, fight off oxidative stress plus to help restore levels of nerve growth factor which is important for retina health. Without enough taurine the eyes develop many different types of eye problems even in children.


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Velocity VISION Supplement on Amazon – Eye Supplement & Power Vision Formula with Lutein. Zeaxanthin. Bilberry. Eyebright. Rutin. Quercetin. Lycopene. Grape Seed. ALA. N-Acetyl Cysteine – Plus More

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