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Velocity SKIN – Men’s Skin Cream ULTRA Bundle Kit Autoship

This is our Men’s Skin Care Ultra bundle kit for those who want to just get the job done and Start Looking Handsomer!

Are you looking to achieve more healthy and youthful-looking skin? Are you looking to turn back time? Are you looking to get the job done and not mess around?

Note:  Maybe a few forehead wrinkles can make you look more ruggedly attractive according to some, but wrinkles are usually innately not very well associated with virility or ability, if you know what I mean.  So don’t send out the wrong signals.  Start working on looking young again, or at least younger, healthy, more virile and able…

Then you’ll certainly want to try our Men’s Skin Cream ULTRA Bundle Kit and put them to use immediately. Don’t just dabble it on here and there but use at least five days a week if not 7 and watch the difference! Take a before picture so you could see and after picture 30 days 60 days then 90 days later.

$127.00 / 30 days