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Velocity SKIN for MEN – Moisturizer

Just about everyone needs a good moisturizer! But what’s a good moisturizer? It’s one that nourishes your face with natural and top proven ingredients.

A good moisturizer also provides a good layer of protection from oxidation, chemical pollution and germs. By having a good moisturizer have it you can protect the skin from degrading, help prevent toxin absorption, and also help prevent acne.

Additionally we’ve included natural nutrifying ingredients such as:

  • Aloe vera gel – provides anti-inflammatory support to the skin and helping with a calming irritated skin.
  • Sweet almond oil – is a beautiful oil for beautiful skin that nourishes the skin and it also helps fight acne. In fact the habit of protecting the pores with a good moisturizer will also help prevent acne.
  • Cucumber extract – additionally will help soothe irritated and puffy skin
  • We’ve also included Ginseng root extract – which can have a surprisingly toning and brightening effect of the skin.



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