Velocity Muscle & Recuperation – Ripped Bundle 3

  1. This bundle uses more traditional time proven bodybuilding supplements to help you build muscle and recuperate rapidly. This bundl’s focus is for those who want to work out really hard and grow significant muscle fast. This bundle will help you recuperate quickly too. How so?
  2. ZZ RECOUP nighttime recuperation formula helps you get ahead of the curve by recuperating in an accelerated way, at night. GUTARECOUP gives you a strong dose of glutamine and glutamine is well known to help you heal fast plus it also helps your gut health.  INFILTRATOR RECOUP is a branched chain amino acid formula which quickly gets amino acids into cells for Rapid recuperation. And then we have CREATINE CORE-going back old school with the creatine because creatine monohydrate works and it works every time as clinically proven to build muscle and strength significantly. Velocity INFERNO Is a pre-workout that is strong but morso on the back end versus the front end so don’t take too much of it because it will hit you later.  So use INFERNO for for a fantastic workout or use it by sipping a little at a time to help you focus while working too!
  3. This bundle is a core staple for any serious muscle builder. Consider putting this one on autoship so you don’t run out. Speaking from experience it’s easy to forget to order or to keep remembering to log in and order.  So by having the supplements on autoship it’s much more encouraging to actually go and get the workouts done while making a lot more progress a lot more rapidly because you have a bundle of powerful muscle building and recuperation supplements to use on a regular basis or as needed..

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