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Velocity Muscle & Recuperation – Ripped Bundle 2

  1. This bundle brings a spectrum are fat burning supports and muscle generation support. Ashwagandha helps support muscle growth while reducing estrogen amongst other benefits. Coconut oil simply melts fat off the body as clinical studies have shown. Velocity INCINERATOR is a strong fat burner which also provides energy.  N.O. SUPER CHARGER-is essentially a Pre-Workout in a pill without the junk that comes and drink powders usually. ZZ Recoup is a nighttime recuperation accelerator which is a great concept. 
  2. Traditionally this type of bundle would be used by someone is trying to lean out for the beach or a bodybuilder or fitness model getting ripped for a contest or a photo shoot.  But technically this bundle can also be used for those who sit in front of a computer all day working! How so? This bundle will help you burn fat while you work on a copmuter and then also prep you for post-work workout while helping you recuperate from your strenuous day at work while you sleep. 
  3. For Accelerated fat burning into getting ripped consider putting this on auto-ship for at least 4 to 6 months.  


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