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Velocity Muscle & Recuperation – Ripped Bundle 1

Velocity Muscle-Ripped Bundle 1 is a much-needed assortment of supplements for modern times in that this supplement combination supports estrogen cleansing,  hormonal  rebalance,  and testosterone boosting from there. Turmeric has a ton of health benefits but in particular for our case in this bundle we want turmeric for cleansing in general, repair support along with assisting in estrogen reduction support that comes with ashwagandha and T+ E-(testosterone Plus and estrogen minus).

We also have in this bundle the N.O. Supercharger  formula which is basically a pre-workout in a pill which is a very interesting supplement to help maximize your workout and health in general. Then we have ZZ RECOUP  which is an amino acid blend for the acceleration of recovery while you’re sleeping. So we have a pre-workout in a pill and a recovery formula in a pill which can help you avoid the usual excess artificial sweeteners colors and flavors that come with standard pre-workout drinks and post-workout drinks that simply add more toxins to your body.

This is a great supplement bundle to run as a habit for helping keep the body cleansed in general but in particular cleansed of excess estrogen and fake estrogens called xenoestrogens,  plus testosterone support,  pre-workout support and recuperation support.

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