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Velocity Founders Club

Velocity Founders Club

  1. In the Velocity Founders Club we are allowing the first 500 members to receive lifetime 50% discounts on supplements for a membership fee of 49.97 a month. What this does is that this allows us to get seed Capital invest mid Style cash flow going while giving you a very large price break on are very excellent supplements. And what will be doing with the cash flow is research, testing and formulating new Advanced formulas for supplements, drink powders and skin care with some advanced concepts we’ve had for some time. We like to stretch human Performance to Greater levels and we have personally experienced even dramatic enhancement and performance and productivity through the use of natural supplements overtime. But there are far more advanced combinations and dosages in addition to new discoveries and new plants  that can potentially help us all increase our level of performance, productivity and push towards ” SuperBeing  style health naturally.
  2. This membership is limited.  The 50% discount is for active paying members of course.  And this membership can make you profitable on your first bundle kit purchase for perspective, a bundle kit purchase of supplements you need in order to help you obtain Optimal Health. i.e.  Let’s say a particular protocol bundle is $149.97.  Then 50% discount makes the price $74.98.   So your Founders Club membership is $49.97.  So savings of $74.98 minus club fee of $49.97 = Net Profit of $25.02 to you.  And of course if you take lots of supplements per month as we do, then your 50% off net profit could be quite a bit more. 

$97.00 / 30 days

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