Velocity Energy Bundle 2 For Multi Angle and Depth Boost Energy Support on Amazon

Boost energy from many angles: Amino acids, caffeine, other stimulants, aTP boosting with creatine monohydrate plus pre-workout sipping. Create immediate energy and depth of energy boosting support.

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Velocity Energy Bundle 2 Provides a Broad Spectrum of Energy Boosting Properties.

  • We have the Velocity INFERNO workout drink. It contains different stimulants including caffeine for extreme, intense energy.  This pre workout drink can also be used for productivity purposes by sipping a little at a time to help you get more work done.  
  • We have N.O. Supercharger which is what we call a mini pre-workout in a pill. It has a variety of energy boosting amino acids. 
  • We have green coffee extract which provide some caffeine but also stored fat release. Clinical studies show green coffee bean extract increases automatic fat burning while participants lost 11.9 pounds in 12 weeks while not changing exercise or diet.​  Green coffee bean supplementation has also been found to help increase your good gut bacteria while decreasing your bad gut bacteria which therefor can help you shift in eating foods that produce higher levels and most sustained levels of energy for you. 
  • And we have creatine which boosts energy across-the-board on a cellular level by helping increase ATP. Creatine is one of the most studied supplements on the planet and has proven itself many times over for its ability to not only increase energy but also muscle size, and endurance.

As with all energy drinks and supplements make sure you take an ample quantities of water to make sure you’re hydrated, yes, but also for the effectiveness of the energy supplements.

So all together we have another powerful energy bundle that can be used synergistically to help give you a serious boost throughout the day or before a special event.   Try this bundle out!

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