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Velocity Burner Weight Loss Supplement Formula

Use Velocity BURNER Weight Loss Pills To Help You Burn Fat While Doing Nothing Or While Dieting And Exercising. Help Make Your Lean Body Pursuits More Efficient.

  • Velocity BURNER Weight Loss Supplement is Designed for Accelerated Weight Loss Support

  • Appetite Support

  • Fat Storage Blocking Support

  • Stored Fat Releasing Support

  • Energy Boost Support

  • Fundamental Nutrients that Most Fitness Pros Use While Stripping Excess Body Fat
  • Weight Loss Pills for Helping Make Weight Loss Easier

  • Fat Burner Pills for Helping Accelerate Your Diet & Exercise Efforts for Making Your Efforts More Efficient.

  • Moderate Stimulant with 130 mg of Caffeine. Green Tea Extract. Green Coffee Bean Extract. Raspberry Ketones.  Garcinia Cambogia
  • Help with Burning Fat & Losing Weight While Doing Nothing or at Work

Try Velocity Burner and see for yourself how it can help you lose weight and burn fat more quickly while having more fun in the process.

~ 3rd Party Tested for Purity & Potency ~ 60 Capsules – Dietary Supplement


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What is Velocity BURNER Fat Burning Supplement Formula and what could it actually do for me?

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Velocity Burner Weight Loss Supplement is a fat burning exercise support supplement and a diet support supplement.

We would use this when in fat burning mode or as a general health support supplement while at work to help prevent fat storage and help release stored body fat.  There are also many other positive health benefits associated with the ingredients in Velocity BURNER Especially Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean and Garcinia Cambogia, Even Caffeine.

Additionally, Velocity BURNER Weight Loss Pills can give you energy support, focus support when dieting or just at work and can be aa psychological boost help motivate you to meet your weight loss goals.  Velocity BURNER  can even help you finish your work.

Velocity BURNER  is a mild stimulant. Yet it goes to work behind the scenes to help making fat burning & weight loss easier helping you better ultimately, achieving your ideal, beautiful, attractive, healthy lean body goals..

Velocity BURNER is comprised of the five primary supplements that have been well-known, well used, well respected and very popular for the assisting the fat burning process towards the goal of an ideal lean body.

So in short Velocity BURNER supplement has been designed to help you obtain the ideal beautiful body that you want especially when combined with a smart lean body diet and fat burning exercise program.

Those who are experienced in obtaining their ideal lean body quickly out from a “less ideal body fat percentage” usually combine fat burning supplementation with a lean body diet and a fat burning exercise program.

Additionally a body shaping program can help one obtain their ideal body results much more quickly and more towards their liking.  Sign up in our Velocity LEAN newsletter above if you would like to find out more about diets and exercise programs.

So Velocity BURNER is a fat burning supplement, that is supplemental to the diet and exercise plan which is the way to make fat burning supplements work the best.  That said, taking a weight loss supplement like Velocity BURNER can help with weight loss and even help with preventing excess body fat while at work all day which you will discover after you look into various studies related to weight loss per ingredient in Velocity BURNER. 

You can also take Velocity BURNER for its health benefits associated with the particular ingredients of: green coffee bean, raspberry ketones, Garcinia Cambogia, caffeine anhydrous and green tea – each of which has their own spectrum of health benefits in addition to fat burning support.

What do Raspberry Ketones do for Weight Loss Help?

  • Clinical studies have found raspberry ketones supplementation help prevent weight gain in the liver and prevent belly fat weight gain. ​
  •  Another study shows that raspberry ketones increased the breakdown of fats within fat cells. ​
  •  Another study found that raspberry ketones help secrete more of the protein at adiponectin whereas low levels is protein or common and the obese and those with type 2 diabetes. Along  with a good diet exercise program raspberry ketone supplementation is considered to be beneficial for the acceleration towards a lean body and the burning off of excess body fat.​
How Does Garcinia Cambogia Actually Help Me Lose Weight (After All of the Hype)?

  • The HCA in Garcinia helps prevent the conversion of glucose into fat which is very beneficial because people struggling with weight tend to eat too many refined carbs. ​
  • There are also benefits associated with mood support, cholesterol support, proper appetite support, and fat metabolism support for pulling out stored fat for burning. ​
  • There other benefits associated with improved blood flow, increased endurance hemorrhoid support, plus more… ​
  •  There’s plenty of research online showing that Garcinia Cambogia is actually beneficial for variety of health factors.​

What Does Green Tea Do?

Green tea is associated with many significant health benefits such as: overall health, brain function support, fat burning support, antioxidant support &  immune system support.

Green tea has been well studied to help you lose weight prevent fat storage and burn fat. ECGC which is an oxidant in green tea triggers the body to start breaking down fat. And on top of that caffeine and ECGC together have a synergistic effect –  caffeine which is in green tea and green coffee  bean extract but also we have added additional caffeine anhydrous which we have in this formula.

See this study using green tea extract with exercise helped the participants burn 17% more fat then those who did not take the green tea supplement! (17% more fat burning for my workout is certainly welcomed!) So based on this study it’s a “no brainier” to be using green tea supplements before your weight training and especially, cardio fat burning workouts.  

Use Green Tea Extract to help you burn fat when doing NOTHING?  Sign me up! 

Here is a study that shows that the catechins in green tea increase fat burning even while doing nothing but also while exercising.  The ECGC in green tea also in these studies 1 & 2 show long-term fat reduction that comes from green tea supplementation habits.  Green tea also increases the metabolic rate in the body. This means that you burn more calories at rest.  

So therefore, if working out or not working out, Velocity BURNER can help you prevent getting fatter while helping you burn fat throughout the day.   


Therefore VBURNER taken as a nutritional support supplement (which has about the same caffeine in  your average small cup of coffee ~100mg (vs. a Starbucks Venti coffee which has 425 milligrams of caffeine!). 

VBURNER provides you a variety of other health benefits (such as cholesterol support, anti inflammatory, appetite support, antioxidants, brain health support, heart health support, immune support, mood support plus others… oh and green tea helps you reduce risk of death by up to 76% – see proofstudy 1 study 2) but can help you better prevent dangerous excess fat gain while at work all day.

Caffeine Has Weight Loss & Health Benefits?

  • In fact yes! Caffeine consumption is associated with: Reduction of risk of liver cancer by 50%, reduction of risk of mouth and throat cancer by 50%​
  • Caffeine as a supplement is noted to help increase exercise performance ability by up to 12% on average.​
  •  Caffeine triggers the nervous system to then trigger fat cells to break down fat by increasing epinephrine while then burning that fat while exercising. ​
  •  Caffeine increases your metabolic rate which makes it easier to lose weight and prevent gaining weight.​

How Do Green Coffee Bean Supplements Help Me Lose Weight?

  •  Green coffee beans also have many benefits as well:​
  •  Antioxidant support. ​
  •  The chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans helps reduce absorption of carbohydrates.​
  •  Provides cholesterol level support.​
  •  Clinical studies show green coffee bean extract increases automatic fat burning while participants lost 11.9 pounds in 12 weeks while not changing exercise or Diet.​
  •  Blood sugar support.​



Why Buy V.BURNER Weight Loss Pills?

  1. V.BURNER weight loss pills are a mild stimulate based workhorse weight loss supplement.  There is approximately 100mg caffeine per serving.  V.BURNER helps boost energy yet it also does lot of the behind-the-scenes, heavy duty, weight loss support and prevention actions that are critical for total weight loss success. 
  2. V.BURNER weight loss supplement helps go to work releasing stored body fat that seems stuck in order for it to become burnable for energy.
  3. V.BURNER is associated with helping change appetite over time.
  4. V.BURNER has green coffee bean and green tea that both of which have been found to help trigger automatic weight loss even without exercise or dieting.


  1. Does VBURNER Work?   Yes there are many clinical studies associated with the various ingredients in VBURNER  that shows that those Ingredients can help you lose weight.  That said you’ll need to coordinate your food intake so you achieve a balance that is favorable for weight loss.   For example, I used to think that if I took a weight loss pill I could eat more junk food,  hit up Krispy Kreme,  sneak off and eat up extra sweet treats in general and still lose weight. (lol)    The problem was that I essentially canceled out whatever weight loss pill benefits that I was receiving because I took in that extra food, that extra fattening food. I know that sounds kind of illogical and even a bit dumb, but a lot of people do these types of things because they don’t have enough knowledge and experience in losing weight yet (and practice does make perfect so keep learning and testing different things and eventually you can become a lean body master!) or their gut biome drives cravings for these types of comfort foods that end up making them fat. As I mentioned, I had both problems back in those more “fluffy” days.   VBURNER provides the psychological and physiological boost to help you push past the sticking point, helping you get over the hump to finally getting that lean and toned body that you want.

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Do your own research. Always work with your licensed Healthcare professional before starting any supplement program especially if you are on drugs.


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