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Velocity AMMPD – Super Charged Energy & Focus Supplement

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High Potency High Focus High Energy Supplement – Boost Focus – Boost Productivity – Helps Get A LOT More Done When You Need to Get Things Done…

We use AMMPD for times when high energy and strong focus are needed.  If you’re looking to get a lot of things done and you’re looking for an energy supplement that is far superior to an energy drink from our experience, then try AMMPD!

  • Heavy Duty Energy Support*
  • Mental Focus Support*
  • Metabolism Support For Fat Burning Assistance While Working All Day (Especially Important For Us All Day Computer Desk Job Types).
  • 3rd Party Tested For Purity & Potency
  • 60 Capsules – Dietary Supplement
  • Antibiotic-free, Gluten Free, All Natural, Non GMO, Sugar Free, Hormone-free, Made In The USA, Lactose Free, Free Of Top 8 Allergens

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AMMPD Is Like an Energy Drink in a Pill Or Maybe a Couple Energy Drinks in a Pill  for High Sustained Energy & Focus.

Focus Better.  Focus Longer. 

AMMMPD Can Help You Get Many Things Done at Once. 

Great Exciting Mood Boost.  No Crashes.  Even Helps Crush Appetite for Junk Food.  

You Just Really Have to Try AMMPD to See for Your Self – You Will Be Impressed! 

We have used pre-workout energy drinks over the years for focus  to help get work done, especially a lot of work in front of a computer, coffee also. And we’ve tried a lot of different pre-workout drinks, energy drinks and energy supplements.

  • That said,  NOTHING comes close to AMMPD for energy, focus, creativity and feeling good – NOTHING.  It’s the closest thing so far, naturally, that we’ve experienced, in a way to that “Limitless”  movie brain pill, but with a natural approach.
  • When you’re looking for peak performance and you want to up your game you may want to try AMMPD.
  • AMMPD can be used for studies, work, projects, as a pre-workout, for athletics and so on. Just make sure you drink a lot of water for maximum effectiveness and absorption when you take AMMPD (since some people tend to not drink enough water in general).
  • AMMPD is strong but not too strong, for us.   For the first time taking AMMPD especially but afterward as well, simply look to down maybe 12 to 20 oz of water while keeping hydrated for hours after. That seems to work well for us. And when in doubt, add more water – that’s the motto we go buy with energy drinks, coffee, green tea or any other stimulant based drink.  And on that note, you probably don’t want to combine AMMPD with any other stimulant, coffee or energy drink.  But that’s just my personal opinion.  Each person has their own different physiology. 

How Much More Energy Than a Pre-workout Drink?

Well of course all pre-workout vary in terms of  energy and intensity as well as various stimulant levels.   Plus your state of restedness, hydration levels and adrenal gland state will effect your energy levels in relation to AMMPD .  But man… AMMPD provides a LOT of energy!  It’s quite incredible. You’ll see!  The focus boost is also incredible.

An Energy Drink In a Pill Without The Side Junk.

This is the nice part about AMMPD – no sugar! No artificial sweeteners! No crappy after feel. No crappy after taste. No big crash. No calories! In fact there’s an accelerated metabolism factor which may even help you be able to lose weight.

The Energy State Last For Many Hours. The Energy Levels Are Sustained.

This is important because it allows me to get into a groove and get a lot of things done. We like to take AMMPD especially when we need to do a lot of creative work (or tedious boring work) and are really needing to get a lot of things done.  Don’t take too close to bed time though, but you know that.

Enter a “Hyper Productive State” With AMMPD Energy Supplement?

By taking AMMPD we find ourselves  entering into a hyper productive zone where we are able to get a lot of things done. It helps our mood as well. We also feel that AMMPD helps confidence quite a bit because I know that I can get a boost of energy and focus when we need it to accomplish what we want to accomplish. And of course, getting things done boost confidence a ton as well. 

Hyper-Focus State with AMMPD.

Focus is a big deal these days. We have so many distractions these days don’t we! Any distractions cost a lot. One little email, one little text message, one little urge to check this or that website and poof… our focus is gone.  Well AMMPD helps keep the focus while increasing the ability to process many things at once. 

Hyper Creativity State – Getting Into The Creative Zone For Creating Things And Solving Problems with AMMPD.

I’ve also found that the good vibes and energy that come with AMMPD  allow us to get into a creative zone easily which is very valuable for the creativity we need and the problem-solving we need.

Try AMMPD!  We think that you are REALLY going to like it too!


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AMMPD Is Like an Energy Drink in a Pill

Velocity AMMPD – Super Charged Energy & Focus Supplement 6 Pack

Velocity AMMPD – Super Charged Energy & Focus Supplement 3 Pack

Velocity AMMPD – Energy & Focus Supplement On Amazon

Velocity Energy Bundle 3

Velocity AMMPD – Super Charged Energy & Focus Supplement Subscription Autoship

High Performance Thinking Bundle 1 – Velocity Brains – AMMPD – Coconut Oil

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