V.ANQUISHER – Advanced Weight Loss Supplement Formula for Fat Blocking Support – White to Brown Fat Conversion Support & Appetite Support

  • Become More Efficient in Your Weight Loss Efforts.
  • Make Your Dieting Easier.
  • Help Accelerate the Release of Stored Body Fat to Be Burned.
  • White Fat to Brown Fat Conversion Support for Faster Fat Burning.
  • Appetite Support – Help with Those Annoying Cravings for Foods that Make Us Fatter.
  • Blood Sugar Support.
  • Accelerated Fat Burning & Accelerated Weight Loss Support.
  • Great to Use in Combination with Thermogenic Fat Burners such as INCINERATOR.
  • Great in combination with Coconut oil and or ACV pills.



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How Can V.ANQUISHER Weight Loss Supplement Help You Start Losing Weight And Burning Fat  All The Way To You Getting That Ideal Lean Body That You Want?

The combination of ingredients in V.ANQUISHER you can assist with helping change the appetite and change your cravings.

It’s the little things that we eat just a little bit too much of that end up either making us fatter or that prevent us from losing the weight that we’ve been trying to lose.  And when you can get help against these cravings and feelings of eating that, unnecessary, or the feelings of emotional desperation to eat something when we’re not hungry, then VANQUISHING these very bad over eating tendencies can certainly help in a big way.

So if we can start doing the little things right then weight loss can become much easier.  Let’s get some help for squashing, for vanquishing those strange urges to just eat a little too much each time. 

Now on top of that, since V.ANQUISHER has ingredients that are associated with helping pull out stored, ugly body fat for burning then V.ANQUISHER can help use lose weight more quickly.  If you can pull ugly fat out of the fat cells and send them to the furnace to be burned, well, that’s exactly what we want to accomplish!

Also, V.ANQUISHER has ingredients that can help block fat storage.

This means that V.ANQUISHER can help PREVENT you from gaining fat weight, helping prevent you from getting fatter. 

Hence V.ANQUISHER could be a valuable asset, a valuable weapon  in your fat burning arsenal to help you lose weight and get more lean and toned.  So weight loss pills like V.ANQUISHER   may be able actually help you turn the corner helping you get that lean body that you want.  Let V.ANQUISHER help you finally break through the plateau of being stuck at your current body weight.

Do You Ever Feel Like You Make A Little Progress And Then You Just Simply Go Right Back To Where You Were When You’re Trying To Lose Weight?

Totally understand!  Been there done that way too many times.  Well when we can use a good weight loss supplement or a combination of weight loss supplements as well, we can  bring our weight loss performance to new levels.  Good weight loss supplements makes losing weight and burning off the excess fat so much easier.  The motivation that comes from being on a good weight loss supplement program  with a good weight loss supplement program can help you break through the former body fat percentage and get rid of that excess body fat that weighs you down in more ways than one.

Benefits Of Mulberry Leaf.   

There are a variety of studies associated with benefits of mulberry leaf extract.

Mulberry leaf is a traditional herbal substance that has been used for a long time to help boost health of an individual. There’s a compound in mulberry leaf called DNJ for short, which prevents absorption of carbs in your gut. So therefore, mulberry leaf is associated with being a carbohydrate blocker.

So what this means is that if you ate a bit too much apple pie or that extra bowl of cereal, then white mulberry leaf may help block some of those carbs. Of course that would be in proportion to how much you consume. You can see this studies below. For example, one study shows that mulberry leaf extract significantly reduces total blood glucose rise after carbohydrate consumption over 120 minutes. This is in comparison to a placebo. Also, what this study found is that insulin levels were significantly suppressed as well due to the mulberry leaf extract. That is impressive indeed.

Mulberry leaf extract is used also in blood sugar support formula supplements.  Other studies show benefits that mulberry leaf extract includes glucose lowering and decreases insulin concentrations. Under a randomized double blind placebo controlled study another study showed that those who took 1000 milligrams of mulberry leaf extract three times a day with meals experienced significant reductions in blood sugar levels after the meal compared to a placebo group. And this study was performed over three months.

So the concept here is that if excessive blood sugar can be reduced, then therefore one would have less sugar to burn the bloodstream, and one would have less sugar that could be converted into stored body fat.

Also, what we’re seeing with this studies here is that  if one has taken mulberry leaf supplements, then there’s going to be a reduced output of blood sugar from a meal. That means one would conceptually absorb less carbohydrates or process less carbohydrates, thereby turning those carbohydrates into glucose, which gets dumped into the blood and needs to be burned off with energy expenditure such as exercise, or it will become stored as body fat. Also, insulin is a big deal when it comes to weight loss. Because we want to be very careful when we have our body release insulin and we want to be very careful and the quantity of insulin that is released. Why?  Because Insulin stores fat! Insulin stores other things too, but in our case for weight loss, insulin stores of fat floating around in our bloodstream, adding on to our stored body fat,  our yucky visible fat that we are trying to get rid of.

There are many other benefits associated with mulberry leaf extract, such as improved skin tone support, liver health support, anti cancer support benefits, inflammation reduction support, and heart health support. Of course if you’re looking to take mulberry leaf extract for any other purpose, including weight loss for that matter, make sure you coordinate with your personal health care professional before taking any supplements, especially if you have health conditions and or are on drugs.

How is Cinnamon Related to Losing Weight?

Here’s a study below that shows how cinnamon can help turn white fat into brown fat. What does that mean? turning white stored body fat into brown fat means that you’re pulling out the stored body fat, you know the visible body fat into a form that can be burned out of the body. And that’s great news. Whoever thought cinnamon can help us lose weight!

Also, cinnamon helps us fight off “bad bugs” within and this can help us change our cravings and our appetite.

Cinnamon also lowers fasting blood sugar, and this is pretty commonly well known. This means that if we have lower blood sugar from our meals, then we have less energy to burn out. And we have less of this sugar that gets stored as body fat. So therefore we get less fat.

Also, cinnamon is associated with improving insulin sensitivity, which means makes your insulin work better, thereby needing less insulin and as we know from above, we don’t want excess insulin, because if we have excess insulin, then we’re going to store more body fat. And we’re going to cut off the about body fat burning process if we keep having insulin, circulate through our blood.

Also, in terms of having excess blood sugar floating in the blood, we can’t get on to burning the stored body fat if we have plenty of extra energy available to burn first. So if cinnamon can help us lower this extra glucose in the blood as well as mulberry leaf extract, then the concept here is that we can get on to burning stored fat more quickly.

Also, these concepts help us out with to ease the temptation of eating just a little bit too many carbohydrates when we do eat. So that also means by taking helpful supplements such as this, then we don’t have to be such a diet teen ninja all the time to avoid those little bits of extra fats and sugars.

So remember, weight loss supplements are supplemental, that means they are taken to help us out. They’re not necessarily taken to automatically do fat loss for us there to help us out (although some studies shown on this page do point to automatic fat burning with the addition of some of these elements in V.ANQUISHER Weight Loss formula.  On that note, many people struggle while taking weight loss pills because they consciously or subconsciously eat more fattening pleasure foods because they think they can now ‘get away with that’ (speaking from personal experience…).

So as we change our physiology and our psychology therefore we make a shift into more of a prevention of storing extra body fat state of being.  And we do this in part by reducing the desiring of and craving of more food fattening food (usually sugar related). 

Different weight loss supplements can help us release stored body fat, as we talked about right here with cinnamon and here’s a great study that shows that by Taking cinnamon, there is a direct correlation to the reduction of belly fat and waist circumference in addition to overall body weight.

So you’ll see various articles and opinions out there about weight loss supplements. And of course, you have competition, who don’t want weight loss supplements to be sold because they’re selling their own thing. And everyone knows that by now, but maybe some people don’t. Other people get confused over the whole weight loss concept thinking they can take weight loss supplements, or even weight loss drugs and then continue to eat like well, a cow or a pig or whatever other animal that just keeps on eating but if you feel like you want to keep on eating, usually that’s an emotional craving which is related usually to the bad bugs and parasites within. So therefore these nice, spice based and herbal supplement based weight loss supplements are associated with helping you curb those cravings which means that they are associated with helping readjust the gut biome and help kill off the bad bacteria. That’s the concept at least of course you can do your own research about it.

Also supplements that are associated with reducing inflammation such as we have seen here with mulberry, leaf extract and cinnamon also correlate with a concept of Helping open up the flow of the body in terms of blood and live to cleanse out cellular waste and other junk, which then opens the channels for helping you burn and eliminate extra body fat and extra cellular sewage backup. And that is very interesting if you think about it, period.

Now, What About Green Coffee Bean Extract for Losing Weight?

Well, Green Coffee Bean Extract is associated with weight loss and is also a popular weight loss supplement. But why? Well, various clinical studies show that green coffee bean extract can help you lose weight. And so what we want to do is use these well studied and tested, natural substances to help us lose weight.  And the key word is – help. We need  help!

In modern times, it is more difficult than ever to lose weight because of so many negative factors that disrupt our health and cause us to become extra fat and swollen. So when we take these natural substances, we can help reduce reverse the effects of modern living and the modern crappy diet.

Here is a clinical human study that shows that those who took green coffee bean extract vs. just plain coffee lost much more weight, 11.5 pounds in 12 weeks simply by adding green coffee bean extract to their daily coffee.  “We conclude that chlorogenic acid enriched instant coffee appears to have a significant effect on the absorption and utilization of glucose from the diet. This effect, if the green coffee bean extract chlorogenic acid is from green coffee beans, if used for an extended time, may result in reduced body mass and body fat when compared with the use of normal instant coffee.”   Well that sounds like automatic fat burning simply by incorporating a green coffee bean extract with this chlorogenic acid doesn’t it?   And instead of trying to get fancy trying to add “chlorogenic acid” to your morning coffee, how about we just pop a natural weight loss supplement instead that has green coffee bean extract!

In a study in a 2011 review and the Journal of Gastroenterology Research and Practice, they found that green coffee bean extract lowers body weight significantly versus a placebo effect. In these studies they use very small doses of 180 to 200 milligrams a day, and the average individual lost 5.5 pounds.

There’s another study that was funded by Applied Food Sciences that showed the subjects lost about 18 pounds on average hand 10% of their body weight with no side effects.

So as mentioned too, caffeine is directly associated with helping us lose weight and burn fat. Caffeine is well studied for its weight loss benefits and there is some caffeine and green coffee bean extract too.

Now, the most important concept in green coffee bean extract that is associated with weight loss is the chlorogenic acid. This is a polyphenol chlorogenic acid antioxidant that helps reduce the absorption of fat and glucose in the gut. Yeehaww!  This means that when we take in less of the fat through the digestive process then we have less fat to store as ugly, pudgy body fat! Hooray! So in essence Green Coffee Bean Extract is associated with being a fat blocker plus a carb blocker too. Obviously, that logically sounds like it could help us lose weight.  

So by using green coffee bean extract in an optimized dosage and frequency for yourself, maybe you too could automatically lose weight without dieting and exercise.  That said,  dieting and exercise is a smart idea when one is serious about losing weight. 

Green Coffee Bean Extract is also associated, due to chlorogenic acid, with helping in lower insulin levels and improving metabolic function.

So, in conclusion, Green Coffee Bean Extract is put into a variety of weight loss supplements these days because it’s a helpful in helping us turn the corner towards making weight loss more doable and easy. 

So How Does Garcinia Cambogia Actually Help You Lose Weight?

You’ve heard so much about Garcinia Cambogia. And it’s been very well marketed across the planet. And maybe the marketing of Garcinia has been a bit overhyped. That said Garcinia Cambogia does have tremendous health benefits that can be cross correlated with helping us lose weight. And many of these benefits are more of the “background workers” or rather, the “assisting factors” that help coordinate with our whole weight loss efforts.  And again, Garcina has been popular for a long time and a weight loss supplement doesn’t remain this popular for that long unless it is effective (said for the naysayers).

  • Garcinia Cambogia has been well studied in regards to helping lower blood fats and cholesterol markers.  So if Garcinia lowers blood fats then there is less fat to be stored as ugly body fat.  Since that is the case then Garcinia can be called a fat blocker or a fat storage blocker.
  • One study as seen below shows that 43 obese women lowered their triglyceride levels by 28%.
  • Another study for eight weeks showed that 82 obese individuals decrease their LDL cholesterol by 12% and triglycerides by 6.9% while increasing their HDL cholesterol by 8.9%.
  • Also Garcinia Cambogia has been shown in studies to help lower blood sugar levels.
  • Here’s a study listed below that shows reduced levels of leptin and insulin, which was reduced by Garcinia Cambogia, which also improved blood sugar levels. And this helps us lose weight. 
  • And another study with Garcinia’s hydroxycitric acid, a component of Garcinia Cambogia, shows that Garcinia decreases sugar uptake in the gut and lowering blood sugar levels after meals. Plus it also reduced fasting insulin levels of insulin and blood sugar.  So with that said Garcinia can be called a carb blocker. 
  • Garcinia Cambogia has also been associated with killing bad bugs, appetite reduction, immunity boosting, antioxidant support amongst others.
  • All these positive health benefits benefits have cross correlations with helping an individual lose weight in particular in these modern times and that’s likely why Garcinia is very popular amongst many health care professionals. That said it needs to be used in moderation and one also wants to work with their health care professional when taking any supplements, although you need to make sure your health care professional is knowledgeable about the topic.

African Mango Supplementation Has Become Quite Popular For A Variety Of Reasons.

African Mango has been studied significant for weight loss benefits. Here’s a study that shows 120 people who are overweight who used African Mango supplements, significantly reducing body fat percentage by 6.3%. And that’s in 10 weeks. Waistline circumference was also reduced by 16.2%. These are great gains for 10 weeks.

Another study, of 72 people on overweight people, using African Mango showed a significant decrease in body weight fat percentage, which was a reduction of 20.1% which is absolutely excellent.   

African manga also has other benefits such as:

  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Lowering cholesterol.
  • It’s an antioxidant.
  • It supports gut health.
  • It’s also taken for pain reduction.
  • It’s antibiotic and anti parasitic and being antibiotic and anti parasitic is another important aspect of mango African Mango supplementation because it’s the overgrowth of the bad bacteria and parasites due to the modern lifestyle, which is commonly known, that create the cravings for the food substances or non food substances that make us fat and sick.
  • You can do your own research but just thinking about mangoes… boy mangoes sure are yummy.
  • Who would have thought that a mango is good for helping us lose a lot of weight!
  • And just for clarity, it’s the African mango which as the studied weight loss benefits and not necessarily other mangoes. 


V.ANQUISHER – Advanced Weight Loss Supplement Formula for Fat Blocking Support – White to Brown Fat Conversion Support & Appetite Support

So all in all Velocity V.ANQUISHER advanced weight loss supplement formula helps us or can help us support our weight loss efforts helping us potentially turn the corner  towards to success on our weight loss efforts while helping us crush our cravings for bad fattening foods. 

V.ANQUISHER also has properties as noted above as associated with the blocking of carbohydrates and blocking of fat storage for blocking of fat absorption. 

V.ANQUISHER also has associated benefits for helping us reduce our cholesterol levels.  Also V.ANQUISHER ingrediets were shown to help with inflammation which can help us open up the channels for enabling for the elimination of extra puffiness and body fat.

V.ANQUISHER may help give us the physiological boost we need to lose weight, while helping us give our bodies the psychological boost we need for losing weight.

So therefore, V.ANQUISHER – Advanced Weight Loss Supplement Formula for Fat Blocking Support – White to Brown Fat Conversion Support & Appetite Support can potentially be a significant edge, a significant weapon in your arsenal for battling back excess body blubber, and can be considered as an ally on your quest to obtain the ideal lean and toned body that you desire.


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