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Super Immune Monthly Education Program



Super Immune Monthly Education Program is a monthly based educational membership that teaches you more about the immune system, ways to stop weakening the immune system and ways to start strengthening the immune system.

It’s now more important than ever to learn about the immune system. We are being attacked and bombarded by many angles and many layers of poisons and toxins and other things that weaken our immune system. Previous in the pudding as you see disease rates skyrocketing in the USA, in particular, cancer.

Everyone is vulnerable to cancer. How so? Well on average it is said that you produce up to 10,000 cancer cells a day on on average, just from living normally. Now some may produce more than others of course. But the bottom line is if people who do not “have cancer” are producing 10,000 cancer cells a day what’s the difference between those people and other people who are ” diagnosed with cancer”, including tumors an all?

You guessed it! People who have cancer that has been left to develop into a diagnosed cancer state with tumors, have had a. Prolonged periods of time with weakened immune systems b. Don’t understand the negative factors that can cause cancer

And cancer is just one example. There are all sorts of diseases you can have proliferated and start to dominate in your body. Don’t you know you come in contact all sorts of hideous disease everyday through the air, by touching surfaces, by touching other people or animals or plants etc…? We’re talking about all sorts of diseases: Viruses, HIV even and bacteria, MRSA even. So why isn’t everyone getting sick all the time? You guessed it again! The immune system!

So as you you learn more and more about what weakens the immune system, and there are many things that hardly anyone hears about or understand (although you will soon) and then you learn about the many many factors, secrets and discoveries of things that can boost the immune system to even powerful levels, then your arm in yourself with potential life-saving and misery saving knowledge which is highly valuable!

Subscribe today and gain the knowledge and understanding that comes with Super Immune Monthly Education Program.
Each month we’ll cover:
– A immune system weakening factor and why it does weaken the immune system
– An immune system strengthening and why it strengthens the immune system
– A a monthly habit change, “immune power habit” mini system protocol that we identify and explain that we methodically look to put into place.
– layer stacking of improvement month by month of immune system through monthly action plans turned into habits to power up the immune system, while stopping shooting the immune system in the foot to create a compounding synergistic power up of the immune system

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