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Our Joint Pain Joint Swelling Bundle Kit 1

Velocity joint turmeric ginger and fish oils. Joint booster pack. If we have an athletic joint problem we’ll take this multiple times a day.

Velocity Joints Formula + 2x Fish Oils + More Turmeric Plus Curcuminoids & Ginger.     

That may seem redundant but we need the volume.  We do multiple times per day upon a joint pull, joint pain, joint swelling or joint injury (minor strain, pull with swelling).  Theses supplements in this bundle helps the joints heal up quite nicely and quickly without lingering after effects that other ‘methods’ do since the nutrients help the joints repair while also helping put out the inflammation while helping the swelling more rapidly disappear.  That’s our experience and our opinion.  This is not a ‘recommendation’ or ‘prescription’ or ‘diagnosis’ to you, but just some nutrition support that we like to use that has been quite effective in our experience.


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