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Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

  • 1200 mg PER SERVING

~ 3rd Party Tested for Purity & Potency ~ 60 Capsules – Dietary Supplement

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Ceylon one of the highest-ranked oxidants! Did you know that?

There’s much more to cinnamon when used “medicinally” or as a supportive purposeful health supplement vs only using in cinnamon rolls, cookies and toast…

And the more important point is that Ceylon cinnamon used as a fantastic Health habit in addition to purposefully to help combat certain negative Health scenarios and to help achieve certain health goals.

What’s important about antioxidants is that antioxidants help protect your body from free radicals. Free radicals are molecules gone bad that cause chain reaction destruction in the body. Oxidants cap up and stop the chain reaction of Destruction.

Free radical problems are also linked with the aging process as we tend to have less antioxidants in our body as we age. So therefore by supplementing with antioxidant such as Ceylon cinnamon we can help boost the health of our body and slow down or even reverse somewhat the aging process.

A free radical is a molecule or an element that does not have a valence number of electrons which makes it unstable and which causes it to go around messing up other molecules which then go into a chain reaction of messing up even more molecules until the free radical change squash by antioxidants.

So therefore by supplementing with Ceylon cinnamon you could boost your antioxidant levels to help break up the free radical chain reaction and therefore help reduce or prevent destructive free radical chain reaction damage which can not only cause health problems but also cause aging and may also make you fatter.   See study.

Ceylon cinnamon has also been shown to help reduce heart disease contributing factors as considered by the medical world these days.

Cinnamon reduces bad cholesterol in improves the good cholesterol. Cinnamon also lower the triglycerides. Even as little as 120 mg a day can help shift the cholesterol balance to the good side. 

If you have high blood pressure the good news is that cinnamon has been shown to help reduce blood pressure. 

Cinnamon supplementation can be great for diabetics as well and shown by various studies.

Cinnamon has shown to significantly reduce insulin resistance which means that it can significantly increase the work ability and efficiency of insulin. This means cinnamon increases insulin sensitivity.

A lot of problems have been caused in many many people worldwide because of the chronic over taxation of the insulin generating functions in the body requiring the body to release too much insulin too frequently. Then the body become desensitized towards insulin and insulin becomes less effective.

If insulin does not work in the body then you cannot store nutrients, you cannot store blood sugar which is the destructive part since sugars in the blood when stuck there are destructive and cells cannot get the sugar nourishment they need.

So therefore it may be very wise who starred as Ceylon cinnamon supplementation habit in one way or another not only for those struggling with blood sugar issues but also as a general beneficial health optimization for everyone really. 

Different people have different health scenarios and health goals. We can use supplements in different frequencies and quantities to achieve a particular health goal. If our goal is just to optimize our health or to be functionally excellent or to prevent problems then we may consider taking a daily suggested dose or even an every other day suggested dose.

But if an individual was more focused on trying to help overcome a negative problem then they could consider the possibility of taking multiple suggested uses per day, but that would depend on the clearance with their Healthcare professional who knows what they’re doing with natural supplements.

Cinnamon also specifically lowers blood sugar levels.

This is important to know for those who have struggled with high blood sugar.

Did you know that cinnamon actually has a compound that acts like insulin? Check this out 

This means that by using ceylon cinnamon (emphasis on sale on because you don’t want to supplement with the other “fake” cinnamon called cassia cinnamon that is most commonly used in cooking and sold in grocery stores), you could have another substance that acts like insulin in the body, yet is not insulin exactly, yet helps get nutrients stored into the cells such as sugar, which is very important.

Cinnamon is well studied to help lower blood sugar. It has been shown that cinnamon, depending on the dosage of course, the lower blood sugar levels from 10 to 29%. Of course that will be dosage dependent and since blood sugar is nothing to be toyed with since you can get yourself in big trouble by having too low of a blood sugar level, you wouldn’t want to go too crazy especially all at once. That said our dosage sits at 1200 mg within two capsules to be taking 20 to 30 minutes before a meal who’s at least 8 oz of water. This is relatively small yes health impactful in a positive way. Dosage in various studies go out to even two teaspoons a day yet not necessarily all at once.
Study 1 
Study 2 
Study 3 

Additionally the types of food you are eating will need to be correlated with the concept of taking cinnamon for lowering blood sugar. For example, if you’re eating sugary or starchy foods, wheat etc that will end up dumping a lot of glucose into the bloodstream then the consideration of using Ceylon cinnamon supplements would be logical. But if one is on the keto diet for example and is not putting much sugar into their bloodstream due to their keto diet corresponding meal then the use of ceylon cinnamon capsules for lowering blood sugar is not logical.
Ceylon cinnamon can help support the brain and the neurological system.

Various Studies have shown positive effects in the use of cinnamon on disease name conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Play a tribute cinnamon’s positive effects in helping inhibit the build-up certain substances, proteins in the brain which cause problems that lead to the different disease name terms.

Cinnamon also has been studied to help protect neurons.

Having a healthy neurological system of course is extremely important because it’s how your body communicates within itself from cell to cell. By optimizing neurological health you can optimize your functionality and ability, physiologically, mentally and athletically.

Study 1 
Study 2 
Study 3 

Cinnamon is also studied be a potent immune system booster

Cinnamon has shown to reduce growth of cancer cells and the formation of tumors. Cinnamon also has shown to be an apoptosis agent which means that it helps trigger cancer cells to “commit suicide”, as turmeric, ginger and saffron do as well. 
Study 1

Study 2

Study 3
Cinnamon even activates enzymes that are anticancer 

There is a component in cinnamon called cinnamaldehyde that is used to fight infection. Even cinnamon on a toothbrush or cinnamon essential oil can be very helpful when brushing the teeth especially if one has throat inflammation due to bacterial buildup causing a sore throat or a slight sore throat. But additionally cinnamon or cinnamon essential oil can help eliminate the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Study 1  Study 2  

Not only is cinnamon antibacterial it’s also antiviral. Cinnamon has been used an antiviral. And in fact cinnamon has shown to be the most antiviral in a study of over 60 medicinal plants 

Most of the cinnamon most people encounter is the cassia cinnamon. It has its benefits but it also has side effects when taken in larger doses. This is why ceylon cinnamon is used in supplemental form because Ceylon cinnamon does not have the negative side effect as attributed to cassia cinnamon. The main concern about cassia cinnamon is the coumarin compound that is in much higher quantity in the cassiacinnamon versus ceylon cinnamon. So therefor healthcare professionals use ceylon for supplementation and its variety of positive health benefits.

In our Ceylon cinnamon supplement we use organic Ceylon cinnamon. Products tend to have up to 70% more nutrients than non-organic and are considered to be more effective when you’re able to obtain them.

Consider putting our Velocity Celylon Cinnamon to work into your daily health regiment adding a power weapon to your arsenal for great health.



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