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Men’s Health Core Bundle – Pro Level

  1. The V.MAN PRO bundle takes the next step of health needs. When we say “health needs” we here at Velocity are considering what we need for ourselves to better optimize our own health and then sharing that with you. So it’s not a “prescription” nor advice, but a logical arrangement of supplements that are associated with boosting the health of the body for more targeted health goals. 
  2. Firstly it’s important to take care of the prostrate which can sneak up on you and cause problems especially these days with nutrients shortages in the average diet in addition to heavy use of cell phone and Wi-Fi, but also from sitting too much.
  3. Velocity Brains is a powerful and potent brain health and brain optimization formula that is a particular favorite of ours to help maximize our thinking ability.
  4. Velocity Vision  is another is another fantastic formula that is loaded with potent eye ingredients.
  5. T+E- is a brilliant formulation for helping increase testosterone while helping reduce estrogen and fake estrogens at the same time.
  6. Super liver is one of the best liver cleanses available today with over 22 powerful cleansing herbs.

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