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Men’s Health Core Bundle – PRIME Level

  1. After you have the foundational core of either Velocity Man Men’s Multi-Vitamins or Velocity Vitality Foods Based Vitamins then in order to upgrade to a more broad spectrum of needed nutrients then we need to consider the next step foundational core nutrients that are in particular need in modern day living.
  2. You probably know by now that omega3 fatty acids in particular with the EPA and DHA are sorely needed in modern diets. We have included our premium omega-3 fish oils in this bundle. There is a global epidemic of vitamin D3 deficiency in people and we have included our vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin in this bundle kit. We’ve included the VBIOTICS  probiotics 40 billion CFU premium potent probiotic.  And we’ve also included turmeric with bioperine and curcuminoids  which has a load of benefits and is another great super health habits type of supplement.
  3. Consider putting this bundle on auto-ship to help restore health levels to a good, balanced internal synergy.

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