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Magnesium Glycinate – Highly Absorbable form of Magnesium


~ 3rd Party Tested for Purity & Potency ~ 60 Capsules – Dietary Supplement

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Magnesium Glycinate is a Highly Absorbable, Bioavailable form form of Magnesium.

Too often people get involved taking the wrong form of magnesium supplement which can provide to be ineffective or even interfere with other body functionality processes.

Magnesium glycinate is taken for the emphasis of the following benefits:

  1. It have a calming affect on the brain and can help relieve anxiety while supporting better more restful sleep.
  2. “It’s interesting because your glycine or your magnesium glycine supplements help me get to sleep after I drank too much caffeine all day last night. Muscles were cramping and I just couldn’t fall asleep, but then
  3. I took Velocity supplements magnesium glycinate and finally I was able to go to sleep and relax…”
  4. Magnesium glycinate is involved in the process of bone health and keeping your bones strong with stronger bone density.
  5. Did you know that there is said to be a general epidemic lack of magnesium even throughout the world?
  6. Well there are many reasons behind that but ultimately in the meantime we need help in getting our daily amounts of magnesium. This is why magnesium supplementation is recommend healthcare professionals.
  7. Magnesium is involved in the blood sugar diet in process did you know that? Actually several minerals are. The average population is mineral deficient and you have to wonder about the correlation between mineral deficiency and diabetes or blood sugar digestion problems.
  8. Magnesium is important in the muscle contraction and releasing process and especially with the heart. It is important to have magnesium to help release the contraction of the muscle so therefore it’s even dangerous to be too low on magnesium.
  9. Others also take magnesium to help mitigate PMS aka premenstrual syndromes that can often cause all sorts of irritability and discomfort.
  10. Having ample magnesium in the diet on an average daily basis can improve the overall quality and positivity of life.
  11. Magnesium also assist in chronic pain. Chronic pain can be caused by an over balance of calcium to magnesium where your muscles are not able to relax therefore decreasing circulation and then therefore increasing cellular waste buildup which causes more pain.
  12. Magnesium deficiency is also involves chronic fatigue.
  13. Magnesium is needed to help prevent heart failure, stroke, diabetes and various other forms of negative health problems.
  14. Magnesium is a core mineral needed forlife in general.
  15. Magnesium also is an electrolyte needed for the body to produce electricity and communicate amongst the cells.
  16. Magnesium is also needed to help alkalize the body and in these days of overly acidic foods and toxins magnesium is needed more than ever.
  17. Unfortunately our foods have become less dense in minerals, in particular magnesium. On top of that eating habits and eating trends have gone away from eating foods that have higher minerals in proportion and even gone so far to eat foods that drain minerals from the body further.
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