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Life Force Flush Workouts for Health Restoration & Maximization

Velocity Living Memberships:  $39.95/mo

What’s a life force workout? These workouts new types of creative ways of moving using synergistic comment of mind, soul, heart, instinct that harmonize into highly efficient and more safe ways of moving put into our own exercise Matrix systems. Life Force Workouts are designed to be high in results and low in time spent. Life Force workouts are designed for the modern lifestyle which tends to be very busy, high stressed, highly toxified, sluggish, sedentary and low in nutrients on average.

  1. Why subscribe to be taught these Life Force Workouts?
  2. You learn methods that you can do from home and you relatively quickly.
  3. Once you learn and understand one of these exercise methods you will then “own it” and be able to use it at any time in the future. Knowing a Life Force work out method in fact is like gaining a new mini health superpower.
  4. These are more efficient than your average workout at the gym, your average cardio session or your average yoga class.
  5. On the other hand these workouts do not burn you out, tire you out, go extreme like other types of workouts that most people only do it once or twice, get blown out, possibly injured and then quit. That’s a big problem out there and we solved that problem with Life Force Workouts.
  6. Everyone needs to be doing these workouts! From our experience these workouts are essential for health these days.
  7. Pain eradication workouts
  8. Muscle knot eradication workouts
  9. Muscle strength balancing workouts
  10. Muscle strength evening out through complete ranges emotion which can help dramatically increased agility, strength and speed all while helping prevent injury
  11. Life Force workouts help open up the toxification pathways
  12. Life Force workouts help open up and move lymphatic fluid (your body sewage), your backed up biosludge up and out through your body.
  13. Life Force workouts can help deliver nutrients and oxygen all throughout your body
  14. Life Force workouts help you breakthrough bad mood fog and become more happy and confident, help you feel really good
  15. Life Force workouts are so efficient that they can even replace all other forms of exercise while reducing your time involved dramatically
  16. Life Force workouts can save you hours per day from the whole process of going to the gym.
  17. Life Force workouts can be done at home
  18. Life Force workouts help you burn fat and get lean and toned.
  19. Life Force workouts help you look younger
  20. Life Force workouts help you feel younger
  21. Life Force workouts help help you act younger, move faster, think faster, have more liveliness, have more passion for life
  22. Life Force workouts help you have more energy and power
  23. Life Force workouts help with your libido
  24. Life Force workouts helps power up your immune system while flushing out the bad.


The Power of Life is in the Blood – Cleanse – Heal – Move the Blood to Deliver Nutrients & Learn How to Get the Lymphatic System Moving (the Sewage System of Your Body)…

There are over 7 Different Primary Types of Blood Flow that You Want to Learn About.

  • Discover how some have reversed illness, even cancer through high velocity blood flow (and lymph flow) done in a variety of ways.
  • Learn our methods on how to prevent injury from exercise
  • Discover our unique & creative exercise methods developed in over 30 years in health & fitness, designed with specific athletic goals, body building or shaping goals or health goals in mind.
  • Understand that different types of movement will trigger and activate different body response.  Learn how your to tap your body’s own secret regenerative healing powers.
  • Learn how to use our advanced energy healing techniques through exercise.
  • Find out how coagulation, stagnation, acidosis, mucoid plaque can be kinetically flushed out of the body helping prevent and even potentially reverse problems.
  • Learn nutrient amplification techniques
  • Learn generalized or localized or cellular advanced cleansing techniques
  • As many health care experts say: disease happens when toxic sludge builds up and parts of the body become Oxygen Starved
  • Diet can certainly help but it’s really slow
  • Discover our Life Force Velocity Flush Methods for rapidly accelerating healing
  • We’ve used this method to rapidly heal from injury
  • We’ve used this method to resolve joint pain, joint problem  See more info below: 

Life Force Flush Velocity Blood Flow Workouts Employing the 7 + Primary Types of Velocity Flow Cleanse Workouts for POWERFUL Health, Problem Reversal and Problem Prevention

Discover a New Way to Health Done Systematically & Purposefully for Helping Cleanse the Waste and Toxins Out of the Blood, The Lymphatic System, the Organs… All Body Tissue while Delivering Health Boosting Nutrients & Oxygen to The Nooks and Crannies Throughout the Entire Body 

  • We’ve used this method to resolve all sorts of pain, release muscle knots, restore life to “dead” or deaden areas of the body due to stagnation.
  • We’ve used this method to help rapidly flush out colds and flus
  • Also think about this:  if cancer and other popular modern day health problems are related to toxic buildup that allows for bacteria, viruses and tumors to grow
  • All methods are done in a graduated way individualized in that we used our own perceived exertion concepts that makes every move and every step done by anyone individually, specific and relative to them, even moment by moment.
  • Every different type of health care professional will say in one way or another that “exercise is good for you”. But that’s too vague a concept for healing and superior health.  We show you how to specifically deliver “Life Force Blows” to pain, suffering and health problem areas for what has been for us, highly and rapidly therapeutic results.
  • Our concepts are designed for any age and just about any physical conditioning since we used personalized self biofeedback methods where as any individual can start from where they are in terms of mobility.
  • Sign up.  Increase your knowledge and understanding.  Acquire new health super powers.

Velocity Living Memberships:  $39.95/mo

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