LEVELITIZE9 Blood Sugar Supplement – Blood Sugar Support Formula

LEVELITIZE9 is a natural herbal supplement. that also has some vitamins and minerals related to blood sugar digestion health. It is taken with the notion that certain vitamins, minerals and components of herbs are vital to the blood sugar digestion process so blood sugar functionality can work more optimally in a healthy individual. Additionally the nutrient components are associated with lowering blood sugar directly and on average, while helping increase insulin production health and the body’s ability to use insulin.   Consider trying LEVELITIZE9 Blood Sugar Support formula while coordinating approval with your knowledgeable health care provider.  

Also you may want to look at our “Beta Cell Regen Bundle Kit” for nutrients that have been studied to help support bet acell health and beta cell regeneration.  Beta cells are what produce insulin in the pancreas. 

  • ~ 3rd Party Tested for Purity & Potency ~ 60 Capsules – Dietary Supplement

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LEVELITIZE9 Is a Powerful Robust Blood Sugar Health Support Supplement

LEVELITIZE9 Blood Sugar Supplement Formula is designed to be a broad spectrum blood sugar reducer and blood sugar process support supplement for use on a daily is to help boost blood sugar digestion.

  1. LEVELITIZE9 Blood Sugar Supplement Formula is comprised of most of the best blood sugar Health booster related supplements, substances, herbs.
  2. LEVELITIZE9 Blood Sugar Supplement Formula was designed to cover many bases in blood sugar support health.
  3. LEVELITIZE9 covers the blood sugar support related vitamins such as biotin, vitamin C and vitamin E. Then LEVELITIZE9 covers the blood sugar digestion Health needed minerals such as zinc, magnesium, manganese, vanadium and chromium. Minerals are often over may blood sugar Digest health process and in these modern times the average diet lacks the broads spectrum of needed minerals and trace minerals.
  4. LEVELITIZE9 includes powerful blood sugar digestion boosting herbs such as: Banaba leaf, guggul, bitter melon, licorice root extract, cinnamon bark, gymnema sylvestre, canine pepper, juniper berry, white mulberry leaf powder.
  5. LEVELITIZE9 Blood Sugar Supplement Formula additionally has alpha lipoic acid and l-taurine to round out the formula to give
  6. LEVELITIZE9 a multi angle approach for blood sugar digestive Health. And quite frankly these days we think most people should be consider taking LEVELITIZE9 if even every now and then to help boost the health of the blood sugar digestion especially since blood sugar digestion problems have skyrocketed under the disease names of diabetes 1 and 2.

Speaking of identifying proper dosing, those who have been diagnosed with  diabetes 1 and 2 and who do blood sugar testing on a daily basis have an advantage for directly testing and observing the effect on foods, supplements, herbs, spices, minerals etc. and their dosage amounts on their blood directly.  You can gain knowledge of what works or not in combination with your current blood sugar digestion scenario vs. what you ate and then what you took, and how much of what you took as a supplement.  Each individual is different therefore individualized testing and data is important to acquire if you want to better address helping resolve a problem. Firstly, you may want to check out that new patch for testing your blood sugar which seems much more humane versus stabbing your finger multiple times a day. And secondly you do have an advantage of being able to closely monitor and test out the effects of different foods and supplements on your blood sugar so you can determine with more accuracy what ‘s beneficial while also figuring out optimal dosage of foods or supplements. Also you probably been educated about and or have experienced low blood sugar: And as you know we can’t bring our blood sugar too low or else we’re in trouble (anyone ever black out due to low blood sugar or at lest get that “fuzzy TV with no Channel coming through on it?”). So therefore one will have to develop skill in using supplements, especially to counteract eating foods assumed to put too much sugar into the blood, of what supplements work best how much to take and proportion to what was eaten or drunk. LEVELITIZE9 Blood Sugar Supplement Formula may be considered as a blood sugar health booster and prevention type of supplement. Since Blood sugar problems labeled as diabetes 1 or 2 have been skyrocketing and certain successful healthcare professionals have noted sky rocketing of such blood sugar digestion problems is due to lack of certain nutrients then maybe we should make sure we’re getting are blood sugar daddy supportive nutrients. If you think about it, with the explosive rates of people developing “diabetes” or “Pre-diabetes”, it may very well be wise to look into taking nutritional support such as LEVELITIZE9, as a general health supplement and a prevention supplement, helping possibly thwart future blood sugar digestion problems. This is something to talk about with your knowledgeable healthcare provider team. This is something we consider as a smart thing to do here. And on that note, of course, each individual’s needs will vary, especially if one has traditionally been a “bread head” or has had a “sweet tooth”, but the consideration of using LEVELITIZE9 before or after a meal or even using as a general Health habit even every other day has certain positive logic. Banaba Leaf has shown through clinical studies to help with the blood sugar diet process by increasing a cell’s glucose tolerance which means they can help lower blood sugar that way. Additionally banaba leaf has shown to decrease the body’s own glucose production volume to 30%.https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2176148/ Here’s a study that shows how banaba extract helped individuals decrease their blood sugar levels by 16% on average by only taking a hundred mg per day. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3468018/ we use 25 mg to balance out with the other potent blood sugar digestion boosting supplements in our formula. And on that note notice how they different herbs, vitamins and minerals combined synergistically to boost different parts of the blood sugar digestion and handling process in the body. We think it’s pretty brilliant. Banaba leaf is another popular herbal supplement use for boosting blood sugar health and it has its role in the whole blood sugar digestion healing & health boosting process. ” A decrease in blood glucose levels has been observed within 2 h of dosing, and the decrease is typically in the range of 10–15%, although a decrease of 30% has been reported. No adverse effects have been observed or reported in any studies involving human subjects receiving Banaba, including one study involving 15 subjects who were given Banaba extract daily for up to 1 year. ” as this PubMed study states . Cayenne pepper which has capsaicin has been found clinically to reduce blood sugar levels as seen in this study. “The results showed that the spicy characteristics of capsaicin might be the root of its ability to decrease blood glucose…” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28230360 Cayenne pepper has many other health benefits and is common for relieving pain in addition to enhancing the ability to burn calories and suppress the appetite. Cayenne pepper is used in combination weather with other blood sugar digestion health boosting ingredients to create a synergistic combination intended to enhance total blood sugar digestion health from many angles in LEVELITIZE9. Yarrow is a long time popular herbal medicine plant, used in traditional medicine. Yarrow, “Achillea millefolium” is also called “achillea, bloodwort, carpenter’s weed, devil’s nettle, nosebleed, old man’s pepper, staunchweed, thousand-leaf, and wound wort (among other names)”  Achillea millefolium L. (yarrow) has shown a wide range of therapeutic applications such as treating wounds, colds, fevers, kidney diseases, stopping blood flow and reducing menstrual pain (12). It has traditionally been used as a hypoglycemic agent in diabetic status….” A direct correlation for yarrow flowers and boosting blood sugar health is associated with the inulin in the flowers. ” The difference of inulin form other carbohydrate is that it produces fructose as a source of energy instead of glucose. It is therefore beneficial for people diagnosed with diabetes because it will not cause an increase in blood glucose level after consumption.”  See details. Another benefit of Yarrow flowers, “Achillea Millefolium” who’s that it has been shown to protect pancreatic cells which is related directly to blood sugar digestion health. See this study 

Bitter Melon for Blood Sugar

Bitter melon or also called Momordica charantia, bitter gourd, wild cucumber has become another popular supplement for boosting blood sugar health. Bitter melon can act like insulin in the body which means that your own insulin system gets a supplemental boost helping you there for store sugar that is floating around in your bloodstream. On the other hand if one is taking insulin shots, one must be very measured and the other natural substances they take that can boost the enhance of blood sugar diet digestion, that add insulin mimickers, increase absorption of glucose and so on because you don’t want your blood sugar to go too low. So there for managing blood sugar becomes an art and a science that one would need to optimize overtime. This is also related to what you just ate. And then on the other hand, if foods that you just ate had blood sugar digestion boosters in them such as cinnamon or blood sugar boosting related minerals as we have in LEVELITIZE9 turn your whole blood sugar digestion process will be more efficient causing less of a need for blood sugar digestion efficiency boosters or direct insulin shots at the moment. This provides extra perspective on the process of potentially, optimally, managing blood sugar digestion.

Manganese in Blood Sugar Digestion

Manganese deficiency leads to glucose intolerance. Those who have a diagnosis of diabetes on average have shown to have lower manganese levels StudyStudy

Vanadium in blood sugar digestion

Vanadium has been strongly linked as an important part of blood sugar digestion health. In fact here’s a study that showed how adding vanadium to drinking water turns elevated blood glucose gets restored to normal. Minerals are important parts daily functioning of your body.  They are key components needed to operate your machine.  Your body was fashioned “from the Earth” so it needs some earth, minerals, to keep running.  Average mineral consumption is considered drastically deficient these days in “industrialized societies”, compared to “yesteryear” due to  really bad farming processes and further processing of foods in addition to  average poor food choices.   It’s very likely that missing minerals could be keys to all sorts of health problems. That said vanadium is one component amongst many needed for proper blood sugar digestion. Yet maybe don’t think about one substance has the “magic pill” as some have done, but one part of many needed, since the body is a complex, interlocking set of many many balances that need to be synergetically orchestrated at the same time.

Mulberry leaf extract and blood sugar

Mulberry leaf extract is another winner for blood sugar digestion health. “Mulberry-extract improves glucose tolerance and decreases insulin concentrations in normoglycaemic adults: Results of a randomised double-blind placebo-controlled study” “Compared with placebo, co-ingestion of mulberry produced significant reductions in blood glucose increases for the initial 120 min of the study” “The co-ingestion of mulberry extract with 75 g sucrose significantly reduced the increase in blood glucose observed over the initial 120 min of testing in control and type 2 diabetic subject….” So this means that taking Mulberry extract before or with food as per this study can significantly reduce what gets put into the blood as blood sugar. This would also be of benefit for low-carb and those looking to lose weight which is why we have mulberry leaf extract in certain weight loss supplements.   ……… ……… …………. https://selfhacked.com/blog/banaba-leaf-benefits/ https://www.healthline.com/health/diabetes/bitter-melon-and-diabetes#risks-and-complications https://care.diabetesjournals.org/content/30/5/1272

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