KETO FIIRE – Keto Diet Support Supplements

KETO FIIRE – Keto Diet Support Supplements

Discover How KETO FIIRE – Keto Diet Support Supplement Could Be that Edge that Tips You into that Ideal Lean Body You Want and Want More Quickly!


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Green tea has been well studied to help you lose weight prevent fat storage and burn fat. ECGC which is an oxidant in green tea triggers the body to start breaking down fat by promoting norepinephrine which in turn breaks down the fat. And on top of that caffeine and ECGC together have a synergistic effect, caffeine which is in green tea and green coffee but also we have added additional caffeine anhydrous.

So this combination of green tea extract and more caffeine for fat breakdown accelerates fat burning even faster versus each substance on its own. So then therefore, your stored fat cells break down fat and release that fat into the bloodstream to be burned as energy.

And when on the keto diet you certainly use fats for energy. Because you have switched over to fats for energy use in the body, instead of sugars as energy, then your body is prime to use that fat and burn it off after it is released into the body through the synergistic combination caffeine and green tea’s EGCG.  See study and this study

Here’s a study that shows that green tea extract, when used before exercise, helped the participants burn 17% more fat then those who did not take the green tea supplement! (17% more fat burning for my workout is certainly welcomed!) This means that a lean body can be obtained much more quickly with less effort and these days. 

And due to an array of fat causing actors in these “modern times”  any help we can get to accelerate the process of fat burning and increase the quantity of fat being burned is certainly helpful!

Here is a study that shows the catch engine green tea increase fat burning even while doing nothing but also while exercising.  The ECGC in green tea also in these studies 1 & 2 show long-term fat reduction that comes from green tea supplementation habits.  Green tea also increases the metabolic rate in the body. This means that you burn more calories at rest.

So if you burn more calories doing nothing on average then you’re going have an easier time burning fat off and keeping it off in the body. See study.  It even works for the long term . Also associated with green tea is appetite reduction and fat absorption blocking. Green tea also helps burn fat which is the dangerous fat, visceral fat. Green tea supplementation may end up become an important health habit too over time potentially helping to prevent a variety of future problems. 


Green coffee bean is another popular weight loss support natural substance that has had consistent popularity for some time now and rightfully so.

Velocity KETO FIIRE will help with this and so will KETO FIERCE The chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean is the main component that is attributed towards all the weight loss benefits.

Chlorogenic acid from green coffee bean extract helps prevent carbohydrate absorption. There is a cross correlational as shown in studies of green coffee bean helping lower blood sugar and Insulin spikes. StudyStudy

On top of that green coffee bean’s chlorogenic acid can help prevent fat storage by reducing the amount of fat absorbed from your diet in the gut and liver. Green coffee also helps you burn fat through the improvement of the hormone adiponectin. See here & here.  

Chlorogenic acid also significantly helps improve cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels So it’s also interesting to note that through the use of these natural substances comes other health benefits. 

Here’s a study that shows the accelerated fat loss using green coffee losing around 12 pounds with no extra dieting or exercise program. So what happens when you add a diet is the keto diet and an exercise program? Why potential rapid fat burning!


Dosage needs will vary in coordination with each individual. In order to optimize dosage of KETO FIIRE and or other weight loss supplements you want to work with a knowledgeable health specialist who understands natural foods and supplementation and who can also work with you accurately on an individualized basis to determine an optimum dose and frequency of use to help you accelerate the excess fat burning process. And that’s something important to think about.

Correct dose per individual is key because different people have different body mass, different muscle mass, different fluidity of bodily fluids in terms of blood and lymphatic fluids, have different diets of different co factor nutrients or not, all of which go into play to effectiveness of a supplement. Also those factors will affect absorbability of supplements nutrients and so on.

And if you are low on a certain vitamin or minerals you may be missing a certain components needed for the chain of reactions for burning fat fast, to occur.  On that note see our Velocity Vitality Core Nutrients programs here to help you get key nutrients you need on a daily basis. 

Therefore as professional fitness models and bodybuilders do, one would have to test overtime working in conjunction with it smart healthcare professional who can help you finally figure out the supplements, dosage and frequency that can help you get the job done of obtaining your ideal lean body in an efficient and quick way. 

Bodybuilders and fitness model certainly know how to strip off excess body fat very quickly and simply, methodically in time. Almost every other bodybuilder and fitness model we know uses some form of supplement as they look to strip off fat for a show. Therefore we can learn from them. We can learn from them in that each supplement has its purpose but needs to be used at the right time, at the right quantity and at the right dose.

On top of that one needs to keep the perspective that a supplement is supplemental; it’s in addition to other fat burning activities, that is if one wants to strip off a lot of body fat quickly. Now that said, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder or fitness model! Most people simply want to have a flat belly or be moderately toned. Other people just want to lose a little weight so they can fit into some clothes. Other people want to spot-check, lose weight here and there. And then other simply wants to prevent accumulating excess body fat more efficiently while busy doing work throughout the day.

Different people have different approaches when it comes to weight loss and fat burning and we all don’t have to do the same thing.

So on that note KETO FIIRE can also be quite a helpful supplement to help you prevent gaining extra weight, while doing day today work especially if it’s sedentary work in front of a computer.

And having the type of natural supplement that is a more of a moderate weight loss supplement like KETO FIIRE  (in contrast to the intense Velocity INCINERATOR Fat Burner supplement) to help with day-to-day fat metabolism, when one is not on a diet or on a specific fat burning exercise program, can be quite  helpful while helping save you from having to burn off a lot more fat in a more quick, dramatic and laborious way later.

But, to address an annoying mindset that is extremely popular… Most of your average healthy natural weight loss supplements are not going to automatically make you skinny and just a few weeks. Nor are weight loss supplements going to provide you freedom to hit up Krispy Kreme more often. Yet… On that note if that weight loss pill can help you change your appetite and change your gut biome cravings, while getting you to start to crave, eating mostly fruits and vegetables, for example, then that pill or set of weight loss pills would actually work!

So with that in mind you may want to consider our Gut Booster Bundle Kit II – Berberine – Turmeric – VBIOTICS Probiotics – Coconut Oil Pills to help start changing your gut biome as well. 


Consider adding KETO FIIRE to your fat burning aresenal and tho help make the keto diet more fun and effective. 

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KETO FIIRE – Keto Diet Support Supplements