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Immune Blitz Mini Bundle – Elderberry – Berberine

Here’s a powerful one two herbal punch for beating down the bad bugs while supporting helping boost immune system strength. 

These two herbal supplements of berberine and elderberry are a good idea to have on hand.  We like to use these two herbal supplements even before going into various immune compromising scenarios where our physical bodies and immune systems could be taxed, overworked which could even be just going out in public into gatherings or having any contact with kids that have been out and about, at school etc.   This is important because immune systems have been so weakened on average in modern times that people are out and about as extra large mobile, uncapped petri dishes helping grow and spread all sorts of various not so friendly bacteria and viruses.

From our experience we have found that it is more efficient to boost the immune system BEFORE encountering an extra supply of bad bugs to help your immune system can go to battle right away while hopefully preventing a problem up front.

Also it is logical to strengthen the immune system before getting into any sort of body energy draining or overextending scenario, cold weather or any other immune stressing event vs.  having to battle out of a sickness that occurs from allowing a bad bug to get a foothold. 

Discover the power of herbs!   Once you get to know how powerful and helpful herbs can be you’ll gain much more confidence in your ability to become and stay healthy.   Enjoy our 2 pack bundle savings! 


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