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High Performance Thinking Bundle 1 – Velocity Brains – AMMPD – Coconut Oil

We like brain power and focus supplements a lot.  And so we were looking for this combination,  this sweet spot of high performance thinking.  So we came up with this combination of supplements. And after testing overtime, we have come to conclusion that these three supplements are VERY powerful for boosting brain energy, focus, creativity and mood, helping us get a lot more things done!

Coconut oil’s MCT oil, which stands for a medium chain triglycerides, provide surprisingly high levels of energy.  It is a pure energy and has good sustaining power.

Speaking of sustaining power, AMMPD supercharged energy and focus supplement takes energy, cognitive and creative abilities to new levels, all naturally of course. This supplement lasts for many hours providing energy and an elevated performance and productivity state which has been a game-changer for many of the things we do.

Velocity BRAINS is another powerful brain support supplement that helps boost the brain and cognition from different angles, particularly that of health and connectivity so thinking can the accelerated and be more smooth, more continuous, more flowing, from our experience.

So in combination, all three of these supplements together provide a sensation of cognitive super powers that can help you start to make great advancements in conquering various projects or figuring out solutions to various problems or to achieving your goals.

Consider putting this bundle on auto-ship for potential exciting new breakthroughs in your own performance and productivity.

Combine this bundle with our powerful Velocity Vitality Foods Based Multivitamin in addition to our Core Health Light kit for an even more broad spectrum of brain related nutritional support.

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