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Hair Oil Power Bundle for Hair Health and Growth Multiple Scents


Super Nutrient Oil Complete for Hair Health & Growth


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Hair Oil Power Bundle for Hair Health and Growth Multiple Scents

These hair oils are quite surprising in that they seem at first maybe a little strange or something to scent the hair. Others may be confused why you would want to put oil in your hair when you usually shampoo in order to get oil out of your hair right?  Well firstly we’re not really looking to oil the hair but apply this combination of oils that you can also call hair tonic or hair serum into the scalp to nourish the hair follicles!  Why? Because these oils and essential oils are very potent and nutrifying to the hair follicles. So we put a little oil on our fingertips and rub the hair oil into the scalp.

If you look at the back of the bottle and see the types of oils and essential oils in our hair oil formula will realize, if you’ve done much research on the topic, that these are really good oils for hair growth and health, hair thickness too!

In personal testing even within the first month my hair looked thicker and darker (good).  Hair seemed to grow in more so less scalp could be seen and also it seemed as if gray hair started to disappear because the hair color looked more uniform and dark (for very dark brown hair).

But try these hair oils for yourself.  The good news is that and you’ll be supplying your poor starving hair follicles great nutrients so they can really wake up in thrive. For best results apply for 4 to 6 months to crank up your hair growing and thickening mechanism.  Additionally the scents are really nice so therefore this bundle could be a great start with our hair oils so you can pick your favorite scents.

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