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Hair Health Power Up – Inner & Outer Hair Follicle Booster

  • Hair Growth Support
  • Hair Thickness Support
  • Hair Color Support
  • Nourish the Hair Follicles
  • Easy Simple Daily Habit
  • Hair Growth Oil / Hair Growth Serum – is applied to scalp.  It’s not oil you put into your hair (as to not worry about making “oily hair”)


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Hair Health Power Up – Inner & Outer Hair Follicle Booster for Acceleration of Hair Health, Growth and Natural Color Restoration

This focused combination of hair vitamins which also support the skin and nails in conjunction with the external support that comes from hair oil, hair growth oil, or you can call it hair elixir or hair tonic or hair growth serum… is a perfect and easy 1-2 combo to help get you started in stimulating the hair follicles for more maximum hair growth, hair thickness and hair health.

The hair oil is a blend of Highly nourishing oils such as:
+ Avocado Oil
+ Sweet Almond Oil
+ Pumpkin Seed OIl
+ Hempseed Oil
+ Grapeseed Oil
+ Virgin Argan Oil
+ Pure Jojoba Oil
+ Apricot Kernal Oil
+ Vitamin E Oil

Soon as you get started providing great nutrients for your hair follicles and then you look to improve your diet sure it’s well-balanced while also looking to detoxify since we have to deal with so many hideous toxins these days you could start seeing some significant Improvement rather quickly. Join our newsletter for more information on that topic.


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