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Detox & Cleanse Strategies Monthly – $39.95/mo

  • Monthly Action Plan
  • There are Many Ways to Cleanse
  • There are Many Different Angles Needed to Cleanse the Body
  • When the Body is Detoxed and Cleansed then Your Body’s Organ’s and Systems Can do Their Job Killing Off Bad Bugs and Cancers
  • When the Body is Well Detoxed then Your Body Has a Much Easier Time Processing New Toxins (Which are way too many these days).
  • A Secret to Super Health Success is to Develop Detox, Cleansing and Body Regeneration Habits.  We Are Targeting the Identification and Installation of a New Habit Monthly.  By the Time a Year is Up and One Has installed the Powerful Detox and Regeneration Habits then One Should Be in a Very Powerful State of Health Empowering Your Detoxification System and Immune System to Do Their Job Very Well
  • Going Month by Month with Doable Action Plan Each Month that Doesn’t Stress or Strain is the Way to Go.  Then We Can Calmly Add New Super Powered Health Habits Each Month While Compounding Up Our Health Power.
  • Detoxing Completely is MUCH More than Taking a few Supplements or Drinking Lemonade.  You’ll Discover Advanced, Creative and Even Genius Strategies by Becoming a Member.
  • Information Will be Sent to You to Add Value While Not Overwhelming at the Same Time.

Velocity Living Memberships:  $39.95/mo


Detoxing And Cleansing Has Become A Big Deal! Many People Don’t Know That They Are Inundated Right Now With All Sorts Of Hideous Negative Toxic Factors That Disrupt Cellular Function Causing Havoc In The Body. And When Your Cells Can’t Function Health Starts To Fall Apart Gradually And Sometimes Rapidly.

There are very specific reasons behind why a variety of popular disease names and new disease names have been skyrocketing out of control over the past several decades. A simple look up of any disease chart will show you that. We’re in The Perfect Storm of toxic bombardment and arguably, one of the only ways to escape is to become a master in cleansing the body.

The word “detoxing” or “cleansing” they seem a bit radical for dramatic to some. But no worries! We don’t like dramatic, radical cleansing unless it’s required for either an emergency which would be a medical type of cleansing or to really dig down deep get rid of a persistent problem which we would approach still in a layered manner.

Gain powerful knowledge and understanding about cleansing & detoxing from us. We combine knowledge and understanding from master healers, healers who have consistently reversed every known problem, in addition to our own techniques that we have developed over time. Our advanced logical and practical techniques have been largely overlooked by most healthcare if not all healthcare methods and approaches in modern and historical approaches that you get uniquely from us.

Everything we report to you we have either done ourselves or would do ourselves. And we certainly appreciate the concept of using habit reprogramming over having to go through some dramatic thing later. Learn from our very smart, strategic methods.

We provide video or audio and documentation based training each month. We also look to provide an exact protocol or a strategy or a system that you could use as a model for developing your own or use directly in conjunction with your individual professional health care provider.

We’ll also expose month by month various hideous hidden toxic factors that most people have absolutely no clue about. And it’s the hidden factors that are tearing up your health making you extremely vulnerable for your very own health crisis, something that you really don’t want to experience because it is not fun! No one is immune at this point in time and it is not wise to think, ‘oh nothing will happen to me because I’m special…’ (easy to do!) due to the extreme toxic attack from every imaginable angle. It’s gotten quite insane frankly. You really need to know about these hidden hideous talk factors and what you could do about them.

Also we will give a monthly doable action plan to provide ideas of action one could consider executing to keep pulling out the hidden hideous toxins out of their lives while adding specific health power boosting habits. We will also provide new cleanse habits installation methods that one can do on a daily basis that become automatic and eventually feel like “nothing” in doing to help keep the body clean and keep the cleansing organs in Tip-Top shape.

Sign up below. Cancel at any time in your members back office so there’s no worries. Get started and learn!

Velocity Living Memberships:  $39.95/mo

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