Carb Blocker Mini Kit – Berberine – Carb Blocker Formula – LEVELITIZE9 Blood Sugar Buster

Block Carbs, Reduce Blood Sugar & Bolster the Blood Sugar Digestion Process

Enjoy this bundle to coordinate with your current eating habits. Certainly appetites can change over time and they can be re-cultured. But if you’ve noticed over time, that appetites tend to also coordinate with personalities. Personality types appreciate certain foods more than others. Certain types of personalities have a sweet tooth and tend to crave more blood sugar producing foods.

On top of that sometimes you just don’t really have much of an option and you need to eat foods with higher carbs, such as a family dinner social outing, for example with pasta, pizza, apple pie etc.

Well okay, that’s how it is sometimes. You just need to counterbalance that. You can take natural supplements that can help bolster your blood sugar digestion health by boost your body’s ability and organs involved in the blood sugar digestion process.   And you can also take these natural supplements which will help prevent carbohydrate or sugar absorption into the body so the body doesn’t even have to bother assimilating  the blood sugar in the first place.

  • Helps support blood sugar level reduction naturally.
  • Helps support better average of blood sugar levels.
  • Helps support insulin response health.
  • Helps support insulin production and release health.
  • Helps support reduction in insulin resistance.
  • Helps block carbohydrate absorption with the Carb Blocker formula so your body has less blood sugar to deal with especially after a meal of foods that tends to dump large amounts of glucose into the blood stream (- sweets, breads, pastas, starches, grains and even vegetables).

The natural substances, the herbs and the plant parts in these three formulas are well-respected to help boost the blood sugar digestion process and help control excessive blood sugar.  And do make sure you consult your licensed health care professional before you start using natural blood sugar health supplements from our products or other’s, especially if you are on blood sugar digestion medication and or are using insulin because you want to also make sure you keep a good blood sugar balance and not drop too low.  

Enjoy our special discounted bundle and save.

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