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Caralluma Supplements



~ 3rd Party Tested for Purity & Potency ~ 60 Capsules – Dietary Supplement

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Caralluma Supplementation Clinically Proven to Accelerate Weight Loss and Crush Those Annoying Cravings for those Foods that Make Us Fatter

Caralluma fimbriata has become quite a popular ingredient for weight loss supplementation these days although it seems relatively new to the scene and weight loss supplementation.

Caralluma has been clinically proven as you can see below to help in losing weight primarily by targeting those pesky cravings that really can mess a diet up while making us feel miserable. Caralluma is associated with helping crush that craving, you know, those deep emotional cravinging for that certain food that can most likely make us fatter while also likely disrupting our health.

“Caralluma fimbriata” (official plant name) is a popular edible cactus that originates in India. Caralluma fimbriata has been used for millenia in the Indian culture for the specific purpose of suppressing the appetite which was purposely used when going on extended excursions,  travels,  hunts  or even in times of famine.

Nowadays, caralluma fimbriata is used in supplements for the sake of weight loss and endurance.  You may see different weight loss clinics and weight loss professionals use it too.  Also when you can have more endurance well you can endure longer in what you’re doing thereby burning up calories and eventually stored body fat in the process.  And when you combined a suppressed appetite with endurance you can certainly increase the probability you’ll for losing weight and burning off extra body fat.

In regards to weight loss therapies and strategies one  of the most popular approaches is appetite reduction.  In fact people even get so radical that they get their stomach’s tied up or stapled in pursuit of appetite reduction.   Yet when you find out the secret isn’t in appetite reduction it’s the the changing of what you crave, you’ll then start targeting your cravings.  And in order to target off the cravings, you’ll need natural substances and foods that support the good gut biome within while helping kill off the bad bugs within.  

Here’s a study showing how caralluma fimbriata  helped participants lose more than 2 inches around the waist during the study period.  So therefore Caralluma supplementation showed that can accelerate the weight loss, the fat loss process. 

And those of us who have experience in becoming lean, or “ripped”  on a periodic basis,  whether that be for photo shoots or for competitions,  understand that whatever edge we can get certainly helps. And for the average individual looking to obtain a fat belly or just loos extra pounds, having a supplement that can vanquish the craving desire for fattening, health destroying, foods that keep making us fatter and fatter or have kept us fat in the past, can certainly be helpful.  

In modern times there are a lot of certain types of foods that have become addictive. They are very strange to say the least. They offer very little nutritional value and often they deplete nutrition. They’re usually emotionally comforting. They  somehow they get locked into our emotions and we get these emotional cravings for these variety of foods. Emotional Cravings differ from physical body cravings in that, and from what we found, emotional cravings usually stem from bad gut bacteria. So when there is supplementation that can help squelch these emotion based craving “voices of the bad gut bacteria”, then that supplement such as caralluma fimbriata could become very helpful to us in helping us lose the weight we want to lose.

Here’s another study that shows  how caralluma fimbriata extract, the type of caralluma that is in our supplement, helps eliminate the compulsive overeating desire in children and adolescents.  

Besides various clinical studies, if you have centuries and millennia of testing and proof through use in historical Indian culture for curbing appetite and increasing endurance then at the very least it’s very interesting to further look into caralluma supplementation and its benefits.  

FDA has passed caralluma supplementation as generally considered safe for those of you interested.  Yet since caralluma supplementation is relatively new to this side of our planet one would want to know if it’s safe because it sounds strange doesn’t it. “Caralluma? What’s a Caralluma ?” right?. Of course, before taking any supplement you always want to consult with your knowledgeable healthcare professional to see if it can work with your individual health scenario.

And as with any supplements and as a general principle make sure you drink plenty of purified water on a daily basis, in particular, and when you take supplements. A lot of people eat and drink foods and drinks that are too concentrated and need more water for proper digestion.   Unfortunately over the years many Healthcare professionals don’t seem to understand the importance of the quantity of water that is needed, particularly these days with access to so many different foods and beverages in particular, particularly dehydrating caffeinated types of beverages. On top of that supplements increase the need for water in the body because of the concentration of nutrients which seeks to find a solution balance within the body. So as a personal rule I have found that when in doubt drink more water, and I speak from experience, lots of it.

So if India has been using it for thousands of years and now you see various health care professionals using Caralluma then hey, it may be worth trying.  Click the add to cart button to try it out.  What if Caralluma actually works for you and you finally make that weight loss progress you’ve been wanting to make?




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