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Brain Power Bundle 1 Autoship Subscription

BRAIN POWER BUNDLE 1 for Optimizing Speed, Power & Endurance

Velocity Brains, Velocity F O C I, OMEGA3 Fish Oils, Turmeric w/ Bioperiene®, B12 Supercharger

Our brain power bundle protocol has been put together to support a high-energy and high performance brain state for the sake of increasing productivity.  We chose these supplements to help support brain speed and brain endurance.

This bundle is comprised with the powerful Velocity Brains formula complex, Velocity F O C I  for high-energy multitasking support,  OMEGA-3 fish oils for brain food  and b12 supercharger for that wide awake bright light energy state and our turmeric formula for a brain cleanse out and brain regeneration.

$112.00 / 30 days

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