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Biotin 10k

Looking for a Little Beauty Boost?  Hair Growth & Thickness Boost? More Youthful Skin & Even Some Blood Sugar Digestion Support?  Then You May Want to Give Yourself a Nice Biotin 10k Boost!

Due the general lack of vitamins and minerals in our foods these days in addition to the week in nutrients and even nutrient draining types of foods most people eat, there is a general lack of nutrients available for body functionality in the average individual. On top of that we have all sorts of various negative health factors and toxins that further disrupt our health,  our hair health,  our skin health,  our blood sugar digestion health and so on… And over time as these negative factors  build up and lack of nutrients  such as missing biotin persists we can develop a variety of health  and beauty problems.

One particular health problem that’s an aesthetically related health problem is the loss of hair  and thin hair which we see very prevalent these days.  There are many reasons for hair loss but one in particular is the lack of biotin. Many people have found it very  important to supplement with enough biotin. Since biotin is a B vitamin it is a water-soluble vitamin it’s considered to be a non-issue if you take excess quantities of B vitamins. Of course in order to optimize your supplementation  for you as an individual, work with a knowledgeable healthcare professional who can help you fine-tune the you send dosage so you can better achieve your own personal health goals.

Biotin 10K Advanced Strength for Beauty, Blood Sugar and Other Benefits


~ 3rd Party Tested for Purity & Potency ~ 60 Capsules – Dietary Supplement

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Benefits & Importance of Having Enough Biotin in Your Body

  • Biotin provides metabolism support which goes hand-in-hand lean body support and weight loss support.
  • Biotin helps convert glucose into usable fuel for the body. That also means it plays a role in sugar metabolism which is also related to the importance of Biotin for diabetes.
  • Biotin also helps metabolize fats.
  • Biotin is needed for blood sugar health and glucose tolerance.
  • Biotin, vitamin B7 plays an essential role in skin health, and strong nail health. If one is low in biotin then symptoms include:  thin hair, splitting hair, brittle hair, brittle nails, dermatitis, dry irritated skin…
  • Biotin is important for brain function and helps protect the brain while keeping your cognitive abilities Sharp.
  • Biotin is important for healthy cardiovascular health.
  • Biotin supports thyroid function
  • Biotin  also supports the thyroid.
  • Biotin, vitamin b7, helps prevent adrenal fatigue
  • Biotin offers tissue repair support and muscle building support in addition to muscle repair support.
  • Certain foods have Biotin such as eggs, berries, cauliflower and avocado,,, but as you know it’s difficult to make sure we have enough of important nutrients from food which is why we use supplements to supplement our diet.

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