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Berberine Capsules – Supplement for Weight Loss –  Mood – Memory – Liver – Blood Sugar – Gut – Immune Boosting – Gut Health Support Plus More…

Berberine Achieves Super Nutrient Status After Researchers Find Benefit After Benefit from Berberine Supplementation for Use for Health Goals or as Powerful Daily Health Booster…

See benefits of Berberine below.  Berberine has been used to accomplish certain health goals or as a general health supplement with a vast array of benefits, even rivaling turmeric.

  • ~ 3rd party tested for purity & potency ~ non-gmo ~ 60 capsules – dietary supplement.

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Berberine – A New Super Health Habit Supplement for Modern Men & Women.  Find Out More Why Health Care Professionals Are So Excited About Berberine…

Berberine is Now Considered to Be a Powerful Overall Health Supplement for Regular Use or for Targeting Certain Problems.

 Berberine Has Shown it’s Self  Effective for Blood Sugar Health, Weight Loss, Healthy Cholesterol Levels, Immune Boosting Support and More…


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Why Use Berberine?

  • As An Overall Health Boosting Habit For Health Optimization. 
  • As A Natural Forage For Helping Keep Blood Sugar Levels In Line
  • For Automatic Weight Loss As Clinical Studies Suggest
  • For Helping Support. Cholesterol Levels Management
  • For Keeping The Immune System Levels Boosted
  • For Helping Keep Your Gut Health In Good Balance
  • For Helping Support Liver Health
  • For Helping Provide Mood Support

Some Say Berberine is One of the Most Powerful and Effective Natural Supplements Available – But Even More Than Turmeric?

Berberine is being compared to turmeric for its ability as an overall health booster that boosts the health of many aspects of a body especially blood sugar health, excess body fat reduction (a favorite), cholesterol health, immune support, anti-inflammation support. 

The questions then, if you’re into health optimization and becoming more super, why not take both Berberine and Turmeric on a habitual basis?! That’s how we look at it. 

Berberine also has many clinical studies attributed to it which is why healthcare professionals are able to get so excited about it.

Berberine can help lower cholesterol, it can lower blood sugar levels strongly, can help boost liver health, can help boost mood, it can help boost immune system, can boost gut health and…

Berberine is Clinically Proven for Weight Loss on it’s Own without Exercise or Diet – Nice!

Berberine helps you lose weight on it’s own as shown by clinical studies.  For example, in that study those taking only 500mg of berberine three times a day, in obese individuals, who did nothing else, lost 5 pounds. The obese individuals did not change their eating habits nor did they exercise and they still lost 5 pounds!

So if one includes a diet and exercise program you have to wonder at least from this study, how much more excess body fat could have been burned off.

There is another study that has found that berberine inhibits the growth of fat cells at the molecular level. Now that is great news for us who have more sedentary jobs – because as you know it’s really easy for us desk job types to gain extra body fat. And now we can take berberine to help prevent new fat cell growth.  Here is another study related.


Why Would You Use Berberine Supplements For Weight Loss?

We would look to use berberine as a health boosting herb in general but to also help keep excess body fat off the body:

  • To help with blood sugar digestion from a health preventive angle.
  • To help battle back any blood sugar digestion problems if there are any.
  • To help prevent gaining excess body fat while sitting around in front of a computer all day.
  • To help quell inflammation in the body caused by acid-forming foods, kinetic damage, exercise, or even just cellular waste that’s getting backed up due to poor diet activity…
  • Those are some of the reasons we think of taking berberine as a health habit.

The dosages are preset by the manufacturer which are standardized and approved. Of course different people will need different doses according to their body size, their body chemistry.   Your personal dosage would have to be worked out with a knowledgeable health care pro in order to use berberine to help you achieve a particular health goal. Otherwise as a general supplement, as a health habit, most regard the suggested use as a standard of consumption.

Berberine Shows Incredible Reduction of Fasted Blood Sugar State by 20%

Although herbs like berberine are strong in certain regards they’re still considered to be more like “salad toppings”, or spices or herbs that you would sprinkle on your food just to give your food an added nutrients and to boost flavoring. That’s said for perspective on what herbs are and how common they are.

Here is a study that shows the power of only 1 gram of Berberine a day for only 3 months (and 1 gram, a little under 2 capsules a day is an easy habit!) –  was able to lower fasted blood sugar by 20% from diabetic to normal levels from 7.0 to 5.6 mmol/L (126 to 101 mg/dL).  So wait, what?  Their diabetes disappeared? That’s pretty incredible for a ‘little ol’ herb’!

For weight loss and fat burning,  we would look to use berberine along with meals as well due to berberine’s ability lower blood sugar.  So we would not want to take on an empty stomach of if our blood sugar was already pretty low, logically speaking.

Can We Use Berberine to Target Achieving a Certain Health Goal?

Yes but unless you’re an expert on the matter you’ll want to consult with a knowledgeable healthcare professional to help you more accurately achieve your goal for you personally.  Everyone has a different state of health, especially these days. But you’ll need to see someone who has a working knowledge of natural substances.

Berberine’s Many Associated Benefits:

  • Berberine has been shown to decrease insulin resistance which makes insulin more effective.
  • Berberine promotes the growth of good gut bacteria which in turn helps the whole digestion process.
  • Berberine slows down carbohydrates digestion which means that less sugar it gets into the blood and it does so  more slowly.
  • Berberine also has shown decrease sugar production.
  • On of that berberine helps on the cellular level to help the cells digest sugars and break them down.
  • Berberine has shown to help prevent heart disease in that it raises the HDL good cholesterol and lowers the LDL bad cholesterol .
  • Berberine is also used for depression.
  • Berberine has also used for halting cancer growth and reducing tumor size.
  • Berberine is also used as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory which means that it could help speed up injury reversal or acid burn in the body caused by an overly acidic diet thereby helping the body cleanse out backed up cellular waste and excess mucus.
  • Berberine is also used as an immune booster fighting harmful bacteria viruses fungus and more.
  • Have you ever heard of such a powerful combination in a supplement? 
  • In fact, as a blood sugar support supplement, a natural support supplement, berberine has shown to be as powerful or more so vs popular blood sugar related drugs. And as you know drugs tend to have side effects.
  • One study shows a 20% reduction in fasting blood sugar on average by just taking 1 gram of berberine per day.
  • Another study shows hemoglobin A1c levels lowered 12% on average which is a marker that gives a picture of longer-term blood sugar levels.
  • On top of that, not only has berberine shown to help lower blood sugar but it has also shown to improve cholesterol markers raising the HDL while lowering the LDL. So you get a double bonus with berberine.


 Berberine as a Daily Overall Health Habit

We personally use berberine as a health habit, 1 to 2 capsules a day or a few times a week for it’s powerful health boosting properties as seen above. You’d have to check with your health care pro if that’s right for you. We’re looking to not just “get by” in our health but have SUPER health. But that’s just something we want to do. 


Berberine Capsules – Berberine Supplements for Mood – Memory – Liver – Blood Sugar – Gut – Immune – Gut Health – Weight Loss Support Plus More PDF

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